Am I pregnant?

My cycle is regular every 24 days. I am now 5 days late and have been on cerazette for a while. I have done two tests but both were negative. I've had 4 miscarriages in the past and have one daughter who is now too. We were trying to conceive for nearly two years but put it on hold as we are getting married in June. Been feeling nauseous and light headed and been having a lot of heavy nosebleeds something which has happened with all of my previous pregnancies. I was wondering am I pregnant or should I do another test in a few weeks if I'm still late?

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I would recommend waiting a few more days and then trying with a First Response pregnancy test. They are very accurate and can detect early. Should be available from larger places like Boots and also from Lloyds.

If you still get a negative it is probably a good idea to see your Dr. They can do a test and work out what is happening.

24 days is fairly short so it may take a while for your pregnancy to show on a test.

I hope it is the answer you want.


If the nose bleeds are serious though you may want to go to your Dr quickly.


Hey, I am like you with the short cycle, average 24 but can be 23 or 25. I have tested always on day 26/27 as like clockwork really and Clear Blue Digital had given me my answers. Maybe your hormones just aren't strong enough or maybe there is another reason for your symptoms. Give it a few days and retest and go for that 1st morning sample to get highest level to be sure if not done already. Good luck :-)


Hiya, I tested with a cheap supermarket brand test and it came out negative but I was pregnant but only in the early stages. I don't think they are as good as the clear blue test. Either buy a clear blue test & test first thing in the morning OR wait a few more days & re-test. Good luck, it was actually a blood test from the docs that confirmed my pregnancy.


I took nine tests over the first nine days of my missed period and all came back negative. Each one was a different brand etc. Now 29 days late and starting to feel dizzy and tired as well as my legs swelling up. I'm wondering if my venlafaxine is producing a negative result as I am on a much higher dose than when I was pregnant with my daughter.


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