Does any one no what age u have to be to be sent hospital by ur gp to check to see if u can have kids

My gp told me he wont help till im 25, i am 22 , i have my own place i drive ,i work , i have done everything in life that i want and now i want a baby but my gp wont do nothing ,, im scared im.going to go when im 25 and they tell me I have something. But they could off fixed it when i was younger d


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  • I had tests done at 21 after three miscarriages and no Dr ever told me there was an age limit. One of my friends had some done at 18. If I was you I'd ask to see another doctor for a second opinion but then again they might have said 25 if you don't already have miscarriages in your medical history.

  • Hi there. I don't have any experience of this other than I was too old to have the tests! Not sure what your experience has been so far...Have you tried ovulation tests? That helped me know that something was working. I also found a reflexologist / acupuncturist who specialised in fertility. They had me get a thermometer and fill in a diary too. Good luck! Xx

  • You could ask to see a different GP for a different opinion, or contact the hospital directly with your concerns. Probably the Gynaecological department. Or a Family Planning Clinic if there's one near you.

  • Hi hun I thought if you had been ttc for 12mths or longer you wouldbe referred for tests regardless of your age. Id push your gp xx

  • I know it can be really frustrating. How long have you been trying? It can take a while - it took us 14 months of trying and nothing was wrong, it just takes some people a bit longer. I thought the guidance in the NHS was that you should be referred for tests if you've been trying for more than a year.

  • You might put urself under unnecessary stress and end up getting tests done and there's nothing wrong! Of course, see another gp for a second opinion if ur concerned, but it took us 3 years to have our little one and there's nothing wrong with us! Your gp should be trying to reassure you though, and if that means sending you for tests, then that's what should be done! I agree with the above comment about trying ovulation kits! It can't hurt! Good luck, I learned the hard way what stress can do! Sometimes these things just need some time.

  • usually u have to be trying for a year before they do any investigations... No age limit... You should seea different dr x

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