Not enough hours in the day!

Not enough hours in the day!


My girl is 9 days old today and I'm looking forward to writing her birth story to share with everyone but I just haven't had the time! Even though she sleeps a lot during the day there is always something to do and I'm hardly on the internet any more. When I do get round to writing the birth story I will make it as detailed as possible. As a first time mum I found everyone's birth stories so interesting and it prepares you for different kinds of births - mine was certainly not what I had planned at all! Hope everyone is well and I can't wait till I have more time to spend on this site :) x

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  • The mits are a bit big lol :D

  • Awwww shes gorgeous!

    Congratulations xx

  • Ahh she's so tiny!! What did you call her?xx

  • Don't you love it when everything's so big to start !! My lil man is 20 weeks now and it's strange I can't remember him being so small ( only when I look at pics ) beautiful xx

  • Aw she's a little tinker. My babies both seemed massive, I'd love a little dinky one! Congratulations, I hope you're both doing well xx

  • Awwrrh! She's gorgeous & seriously cute too.

    The best thing I'd say is it definitely gets easier " believe me" .

    My daughter ( in the profile pic) will be 4 months tomorrow WOW! & in the beginning I felt so overwhelmed with everything the only thing I was fit for was going to bed every night by about 7 pm the latest. LOL!

    Although now she seems to be teething im now having to spend more time hushing her & making her comfortable again I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did about 2 months ago.


  • Aw what a cutey! She looks so diddy in the bouncy chair! Congratulations x

  • Oh congratulations. She's got an amazing amount of hair, so cute x my little one is still pretty bald!

  • Good luck with that! I'm 5 weeks in & still haven't written mine! ;) x

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