Baby's First Cold

My little boy is almost 16 weeks & he's just caught his first cold :-( His sleeping at night was never great anyway (awake for BF at least every 3 hours & also struggles to go down due to trapped wind) but now he will only sleep on me! Every time I lay him down he wakes up and cries. He must just want cuddles & I can't resist wanting to hold him to nurse him better. I just hope he doesn't get used to using me as his pillow coz it's been 2 nights now! Any tips for babies with a cold?

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  • My boy is 16 weeks tomorrow & also has a cold! Though this is number 2 :-( It's heartbreaking seeing them suffering and being pretty much helpless, isn't it? I give my boy some Calpol before bed and another dose in the middle of the night to help ease some of the symptoms so he can sleep a bit better. To help with congestion I put a few drops of children's Olbas Oil half way down his sleep bag. I also bought some nasal saline spray (also by Calpol) yesterday but haven't tried it yet. Coincidentally I ordered a humidifier for his room the day before he came down with this cold, which is meant to help not only ease the symptoms but even reduce the amount they catch colds in the first place (not sure how much I believe this second point). My boy is usually pretty good at sleeping so I definitely notice the difference now as he is much worse at self-soothing (I think mostly because he is too blocked up to suck his thumb properly). After a fair bit of crying with me unsuccessfully trying to encourage him back to sleep, I picked him up at which point he fell asleep but woke crying again when I put him down. But as I kept doing it I did manage to put him down asleep enough to not wake up. I think having them sleep on you is a hard habit to break for both of you ;-) As disturbing as it is to your sleep it's also so lovely to have the cuddles. If it helps him sleep and keeps you from getting really upset then just go with it and revert back to putting him down again once he's better. Let's hope that's soon. And roll on spring! Good luck :-)

  • My little boy just had a cold and also suffers with trapped wind. He was the same, much more clingy and harder to put down as the night went on. I felt it was fine to let him regress a bit for a few days. Heartbreaking to see them suffer! A bit of calpol at bedtime helped. Get well soon! Xx

  • son of nearly 6 months is just about getting over his its horrible. We tried having showers whilst putting his little chair in bathroom to act as a steam..we also put a hot water bowl with a carvol capsules when we were in lounge. We also bought a vapouriser. .ours was made by calpol but there r obv others tht u plugged in and it released vapours at night.was gd. We also hav this pretty yukky device of the nasal aspirator tht put up their noses and it sucks the snot out. .it works but my son hated it and he got very upset so I only did it when it was a last resort. Also try putting vicks on his soles of fee b4 bed then put socks on him it somehow helped. X

  • Someone recommended to us to put some books under the head end of the baby's crib/cot to prop them up and we found a plug in vapour thing (calpol do one) was useful when lo had a cold.

  • Oh dear the first cold is rubbish. Have u tried giving him calpol & some nasal spray and/or baby olbas oil to clear his nose? He probably needs hid sleep to get better do till he's on the mend maybe just do what you need to to g ett him to sleep.

  • My boy has not since had his first cold and mainly wanted to sleep with me or daddy so we let him so he got rest. I hated the thought of him being uncomfy and wanting us and cuddles and being upset. I put a pillow under the cot mattress so his head was raised when in there. I used a boots vaporizer to help him breathe. I used a nasal aspirator to clear his snot/mucus and sparingly used a saline spray (didnt use it too much as don't want to damage lining of the nose) he had Calpol when he got up and when he went to bed. He had a cough so I bought some benylin children's apple flavour cough medicine which seemed to help and he enjoyed....I tasted it and it's bloody lovely btw lol. After about 5-7 days he was much much better. He wasnt handling his bottles too well so we fed little and often (as per his request) and he had a little solids still as he wolfed that down ill or not lol. Hope your little boy gets better asap. X

  • Thanks for your tips everyone, I'll be trying them all! Xx

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