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ADVICE!!! Have my waters broke??

Hi.. Im 37+5 and for the last few days ive had cramp like pain on and off... Some tightenings usually on a night but they never last... Today, I had a bath.. As normal.. & about 10 minutes after getting out I was helping my 5 year old get ready... I was sat on the floor and I felt 'damp' so I stood up (with the intention of patting myself down with the towel I was wrapped in).. Best way to explain I caught a small gush.. Maybe a 1/4 of a cup full... On the towel.. Initially it was clear and a bit slimey looking.. As I moved the towel to look more fluid dripped onto the floor and slightly down my leg.. Again clear looking. I went to the toilet and wiped with a toilet roll and nothing visible really :/

No blood or color... It didnt smell like wee and I didnt get the sensation of myself wee'ing accidently when it happened...

Anyways..I rang MAU who wer sure it sounded like waters but my pad has remained bone dry (this happened 11am this morning) usually i have some sort of dampness/discharge in my knickers ....and Ive no pains..

Midwife advised i keep an eye on it? Now I just feel a bit confused.. Was it? Wasnt it?

What do you think?

Thanks xx

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It does sound like it. The only other possibility I can think of is that - pardon the personal-ness, a small amount of water from the bath got into your vagina which flowed out afterwards but the texture sounds less like that. When you are upright it can be that the baby's head - if it is a snug fit on the cervix can plug the waters so that just a small amount leaks (the bit which is before the baby's head) and then the rest stays put behind the baby. If you wanted to test that theory you could (using a bed mat or something as a bit of insurance!) try lying down and rising - you might find then that you then have another gush but it might depend on how well engaged your baby is. Just a thought. All the best to you. x


Thanks for the quick reply :)

Haha dont worry that thought crossed my mind to... Every possible thought has since it happened its almost like it didnt lol.

Too look at it was wet... But slimey and when I checked the towel again a couple hours later (i left the towel out on purpose to check) it was still damp... Had a faint bodily discharge type smell but no ammonia/wee smell..

Most forums Ive read say exactly what you say about forewaters. Im om my ball at the min..odd barely noticable cramps but I know labour may still be a little while away.

Thanks for your advice :) fingers crossed xx


Sounds promising though - good that you are getting some tightenings (me too - though not really painful yet and half expecting them to drop off again for the umpteenth night running!) sounds like things will get going by themselves for you - I know that they sometimes start to want to interfere when your waters go. Hope all goes well for you. x


Haha sounds totally like me.... Wierd how it comes on at a night time n then just tails off :(

Ive had the odd cramps again but no more leaking.. Midwife said it may of been a show rather then leaking but we'll see.

How far r u?

Good luck xxx


Hi 40+11 today... My babies have always been late so I wasn't really expecting any different but still a bit of a test of patience. That said I was induced with my first so have said no to being induced unless there is a medical reason (i.e. not just for over-dates) planning to have baby at home too so it is worth holding out for for the time being at least! I reckon that when you have older children your body just waits until it is convenient - when they are in bed and then things stop before they get you up in the morning! My last one was 40+17 and I would gladly take anything less than that time! A bit uncomfortable this morning with some contractions but I think I might have a few days like this so not getting too excited! All the best to you - would be funny if we ended up sharing a baby birthday with you at 38 and me at 42! Just shows how different these babies all are!


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