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Test date?

I recently had a miscarriage at about 5 weeks. On that occasion I had a clear positive test by 11 dpo.

I'm now 4 days late for my period, and don't have any pain or cramping which I normally have for several days before it starts... I got a negative test again this morning. I've been tracking my ovulation dates, so I'm at at 18 dpo and my temperature still seems to be high.

Has anyone had experience of delayed period in the first cycle after a miscarriage?

How likely is it that I'm pregnant?

Has anyone else had a test which showed very early for one pregnancy and another which showed much later for another pregnancy?

Wondering whether my body is playing tricks on me and I should just wait it out, or whether I should go see the Dr next week...

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I understand it's quite common after a miscarriage for your period to be late.


My periods were all over the place after my miscarriages. I think you will have to be patient I'm afraid.

I was told to have a break after them before trying again but did get pregnant again quite quickly.

Hope you get what you wish for.


Hiya, totally know what you are going through. I had a mc 2 years ago and I was still getting a positive result on a test up until 8 weeks after I bleed. I never had a period for 14 weeks after the mc so I did a test and it was negative. Confused, I went to the docs and they took bloods off me and then a week later took another set to measure my hcg levels. As they were high they sent me for a scan and I was 7 weeks pregnant. Don't give up you will catch again.


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