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Nursery advice

Hi everyone,

I have just joined. I am 5 months through my pregnancy and I have started looking for childcare for February 2015.

I will be viewing 3 nurseries: Orpington Day Nursery, Sunnyfields Day Nursery and Little Elms (in Orpington as well).

I would like to know whether anyone has any knowledge or opinion about how good these are.

Thank you.


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Your best bet is to check out their Ofsted reports online, available to view by anyone on the website. Also, when you visit, just show up- don't book an appointment. Most nurseries should offer an open door policy, but be mindful of lunch times when nurseries will be at their busiest. Don't forget to check out your local childminders too :) they can be a lot more flexible than nurseries. Good luck choosing xx


I suggest visiting too. Problem with Ofsted reports is that nurseries only have visits once every 4 years so they can be really out of date.


i agree. i put my little one's name down for a few when I was 6 months gone (just as well as waiting lists round here are 12-18 months for the good ones. I started with the ofsted reports and also ones which were most convenient / on the way to work. I am now visiting them and wished I'd done this earlier! None of the ones round my way were open door, I have had to book appointments.


Visit them and go back again. Speak to parents outside if you can but they will probably say they are happy or they wouldn't be leaving there own children there.


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