Baby getting stuck on his front at night

Could anyone please help with this? My LO is 5 months and rolling onto his front constantly during the night. Fine, but then gets stuck, can't roll back again and so starts crying at which point I have to go and rescue him. It's getting silly now because as soon as I've rolled him onto his back he's turing again almost immediately. The weird thing is that he learnt to roll from his front to his back before going from back to front so I'm not sure why he has suddenly forgot how to do it. Do I need to re-teach him, if so how do I go about it. Please help the sleep deprivation is nuts!

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  • My son learnt to go back to front 1st then learnt front to back not long after. Do you use sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag? We use sleeping bags and at 1st it restricted his movement so he couldn't roll. X

  • Sleeping bag is good x

  • He uses a sleeping bag because he kept wriggling out of the sheets lol

  • If he was younger a rolled up towel or blanket might give him a buffer to stop him rolling so easily but he is probably big and vigorous enough to conquer it and it might make it even harder for him to roll back which would maybe mean it was less than safe. My only suggestion would be whether you can beg, borrow or buy a sidecar crib so that you can just reach out and flip him without having to get up! Hope it passes soon.

  • Hey, I feel your pain as I have the exact same problem. My LO is in a sleeping bag and every since he has learnt to roll he lost the ability to sleep through (might be coincidence with the growth/development spurt he's being going through). I was finding him rolled over and crying into the mattress as he would get tired from supporting himself. I had to take action so decided to essentially pin him down, I do feet to foot in sleeping bag and using a lightweight blanket I tuck him in from the waist down in an attempt to stop him from swinging legs for the roll. This works some of the time but he has sussed that he can scoot out of the blanket and once free, roll. At the moment he is waking every 2-3 hours and I am shattered! And he is too!

    If you find anything else works, please post and let me know. I am hoping that eventually this phase will come to an end and sleeping through is the name of the game and so this rolling in the night will cease ??? x

  • I doubt the rolling will cease....its what they do! It will just be that he will roll into his comfy position, just like we do :-)

  • He just doesn't do being on his front at the mo for sleeps, think he needs more skills to chuck himself about and sleep as we do :-P x

  • He'll get there with practice but soon our babies will be upside down on their fronts with limbs everywhere and there's no stopping it lol x

  • He does that when put down for nap, he flips and does a 180! then smiles at me over top of cot. He's just been up for a feed & was a little unsettled putting him down, he rolled into a like recovery position so have left him there, see what happens! X

  • Hi, my baby boy did exactly the same when he learnt to roll! He went from sleeping through to waking up every few hours crying when he got stuck! We rolled up a towel and put it under the cot sheet to keep it in place and to stop him getting wrapped up in it should it unravel. It has worked brilliantly!! Every now and again he does wriggle to the top or bottom of his cot, but now mostly I find him in the same position I put him down in. He sometimes rolls into his side and cuddles it which I think he finds comforting, but great because he can't roll any further :) Maybe worth a try, it rescued our sleep!x x

  • That's a good idea, thanks. I'll give it a go

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