Gestational diabetes 1st appointment

I've got an appointment with the Dr on Friday after my glucose tolerance test came back with a positive result for gestational diabetes. The diabetes nurse will also be popping in at the same time. I know they will be advising me about diet and exercise and how my baby could be affected. What else can I expect? Will I have to monitor my sugar levels? How often and how do I do this? I'm going to be 28 weeks next week so can I expect to have a scan as I've read that I should have one then. I've got a routine appointment with the obstetrician next week so it will be discussed then as well. I'm hoping that he will be able to offer me a scan on the day. I can't think of any more questions right now but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks x

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I was diagnosed with GD at 23 weeks. I was given dietary advice and asked to monitor my blood sugars 4 times a day for a week. Unfortunately I was unable to control them and was prescribed insulin. That doesn't mean that you will but if you are, it's not a problem. I went on to have a normal pregnancy but they kept a close eye on me. If baby gets too big they may want to induce you early. I had a healthy baby born on my due date weighing 6lbs 14oz. And the silver lining - because I was watching what I ate I was back in my pre pregnancy jeans 3 weeks after birth :) you basically just need to cut out sugar and reduce your carb intake. Good luck and don't fret. X

Thankyou for this. I was terrified of my appointment tomorrow and feel so much better x

I've not long been diagnosed and i am 33 wks today. I've to control mine with low carb diet and monitor my bloods daily. I visit dietician weekly too. X

I was diagnosed at 32 week's after a scan to check my placenta position, he was measuring a bit large in his stomach, I got scans every two weeks from then to check his growth, and had to give a blood sample every 4 week's! I was able to control my blood sugars through diet alone, I tested mine first thing in the morning and an hour after each meal! So 4 times a day! They made out to me that I was gonna have a massive baby, so I was scheduled to be induced at 39 week's, when he eventually come into the world, he was 7lbs 8.5, one of the smallest on the ward that day actually! And quite average for these days. Hes now 17 weeks old and is as strong as an ox! My advice, don't trust things labeled 'healthy' as the fat content might be low, but still stacked full off salt and sugar, or vice versa, and u don't just have to cut out sugar, it's fat and salt too! The diabetes nurse will help u swap yr regular things for healthy alternatives. What got me through it, was having a sneaky treat before bed! Just to keep me sane! Anyways, good luck! :)

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