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long flight anyone?

hi ladies,

So I have had my part of flying with the bump and short (1 Hr 30 minutes) flight with the baby doll.

Now we plan to cruise half of the world to meet the other set of grandparents and great-grand-parents and lots of cousins and Uncles and Aunts (yes! my Whole BIG FAMILY).

Isabella will be 7 months by then and our flying time is 8 hours (total journey time is 14 hours on each side, including transit and stops)

So any brave mum here, who has taken the challenge already and can guide me through things (especially the ones I should not be doing )

looking forward to suggestions (and tricks on how not to trouble fellow passengers, or how we can actually trouble any nasty fellow passenger that we meet :) )

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I fly back and to from Middle East to uk. I did it over Christmas with 7yr 5yr and 4 month old. You will be surprised at the help you recieve.

Flight attendants will always keep eye on baby while you use the toilet etc.

sleep when baby sleeps. Walk around as much as you can drink plenty . Carry paracetamol for you. Feed baby when they want. Do what they want is the easiest way to keep everyone happy.

Use a baby carrier it's much more easier. Carrying bags too. I tend to only take baby bag. Regarding bottle I wouldn't know as I breastfeed. Hopefully someone else can fill you in on that.

You can pre book the cot front row seats if you give few weeks notice to airline we contacted emirates way before and via online chat they sorted it there and then . Also pre book food to.

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Wao traveling with 2kids and a baby ..

Yup i will take a sling and will hope she would make friends with ppl on board :-)


Hey I haven't been on a long flight but I work at Gatwick in security so I can help u out this end. As u have a long flight I assume you will need milk..I wud suggest ordering it so it can be delivered and u can pick it up in the departure lounge of the chosen airport as otherwise bringing milk through security u will end up opening and testing cartons (if u bring them) that u will then hav to throw away. But bring through any snacks etc tht u like..tht might entertain her on flight for bit. Just maybe pack Some of her small toys..is she a gd sleeper during day as u never kno she might sleep a bit..

if hav a lightweight buggy I wud take tht as u will b on the move dont wana b folding/collapsing the big buggies.

Alot of airports hav family lanes now for security so u can go through without tbe business men huffing and puffing behind u.

Cabin crew on long haul are usually pretty gd with children..as they kno wsy in advance whos coming..and my guess u wont b only one with a child.

Sounds like u hav a wonderful trip planned. .hope you have a great time xx

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Thanks for reminding about the milk i have to admit in all the excitement i forgot that completely :-)

Ya i will keep some fingure food and hope she will sleep as it is a night flight....she slept through the last one and woke up only as we were moving her

Thanks a lot :-)


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