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I posted on here a few days ago and have got more things to ask about and would love some help, me and my fiancé are ttc, I was due on on the 7th and on the 12th I took a test got a negative result and did a test again on the 17th that was also negative, if I would of come on on the 7th I'd be ovulating this week but today when I went to the toilet there was a little bit if brown blood on the tissue but nothing since. Me and my fiancé last had intercourse the 15th could it be implantation bleeding or am I wishful thinking?

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Hiya, you don't say if you've come on yet or not? I think to be honest it sounds like a no, you're not pregnant as you've done the 2 tests 2 weeks apart and both were negative. I had similar things happen when we were ttc, browny blood etc, and also my periods started to get more irregular as the months rolled by which I am now convinced was due to the stress of ttc and the depressing negative result each month (which is only natural and not easy to control - contrary to everyone in the world advising you to relax!). I know everyone is different, but I did the clearblue test the day before my period was due and got a positive. I know how hard it is when you're ttc and you want it so much , it starts to take over your life. What worked for us on the final month was sex every morning before work for 7 days (just a quickie) him sitting on the side of the bed, me sitting on his lap (my back to him) still half asleep, over the ovulation period; 5 days leading up to and then the 2 peak days (I used the ov predictor strips dipped in wee) - it took us 10 months but got there eventually. I wish you lots of love & luck xx

I still haven't come on, and am now 16 days late the brownie discharged has stopped now and according to my partner my boobs seem bigger I'm also tired all the time I'm scared to do a test incase it's my body playing tricks on me because of how much I want it xx

So U are due on on the 7th? I would be inclined to do a test as U still have two weeks to wait and you'll drive yourself mad waiting. I know how hard it is when you want it so badly and its amazing what effect your mind can have on your body, I have been 2 weeks late before then came on. I talked myself into being pregnant most months. Saying that though you could be pregnant so I would think 16days late would show on a test now so I would say to do one. How long have U been trying and how old ate U if U don't mind me asking? Xxxx

We have been trying for 6 months I am 21 and my fiancé is 23 makes it harder as he's in the army x

Well if its any help, I'm 40 & it took us 10 months to conceive. I'm. Sure it will happen for you xxxx

Agree with Heegy; just make sure you are keeping yourself fit and healthy and taking the necessary vitamins.

My husband is in the Army too so I know how difficult it can be - I was lucky that it only took us 2 'attempts'; when he was home Christmas 2012 and then before he deployed to Afghan in Feb 2013 which is when we conceived. He found out on his 3 day of his 7 month tour so I went through most of my pregnancy on my own :)

Don't stress out about it. I know it's a cliché, but you do have time on your side being only 21.

Thank you and I know I'm quite young and have time on my side I guess it's just disappointing when you want it so bad and it doesn't seem to happen, thank you both x

As hard as it is I would try not to think each month I'm pregnant the more you stress and focus on it the more difficult you will find it to conceive. Just try to enjoy life, date nights etc and put it to the back of your mind it will happen but it can take time. I know many people who took over a year and I took 8 months with first and 6 with 2nd. I would think your symptom are probably just a late heavy period about to start, what with the 2 negative tests, however if you still don't come on I would go to gp for blood test x

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