A not so happy Isabella

My little gem got hurt in her eye, and I have no idea how. In the afternoon I could see a corneal abrasion but my GP insisted to wait for a while before going to sick kids.

Finally we were at sick kids at 5 and that is a big abrasion (bigger than what I had few years ago). And by my own experience I know how uncomfortable it can be. Registrar gave us an antibiotic ointment to be applied 4 times a day and will take around 3 days to heal fully.

My poor little darling is such a sad baby today. The worst part tears and crying makes it even more irritating.

Just a bit of sad rant


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Oh bless her! Do you think she has poked herself in the eye with a sharp nail? Hugo rubs his eyes like mad when he is tired! :( hope her little eye gets better soon!! X


yeah i think so - her nail and hair grow like crazy :( (but i even filed them today to make sure she dont make it worse by rubbing. And she enjoyed her mini manicure. So girly! ) feeling so sad !


Aw poor Isabella :-( hope it heals asap and she's not too uncomfortable. Extra mummy cuddles at the ready x


Oh bless :-( won't be long till she back to her normal happy self im sure xx


ah! thanks ladies, she is doing much better today, the abrasion is still there towards the end of her cornea and on the white part of the eye, but not something she seems bothered with like yesterday. ! Thank God its healing keep the good vibes coming :)


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