Not baby related at all, but just want to check something with u plz ladies

As you know these days people can receive lots of fake emails and fraudulent post, so today out of the blue we received a letter from HMRC asking all different of bizzare questions about information that they already have, also the new tax year doesn't start till April so I am wondering whether you mums have received something similar too today ????

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  • Not received anything but perhaps call them (using a number not listed on the letter) and confirm with them that they have in fact sent you a letter and need this info

  • That is the first thing on my list on Monday

  • No I've never received anything like this, the 1st thought that springs to my mind though is they may have received or noticed some suspicious activity regarding your tax credit claims perhaps.

  • I received a spam email claiming to be from HMRC a few months ago - trying to get me to log on and give them info they already had. Be very cautious, it probably is fake. Definitely call them using a number from their official website as you are already planning on doing.

  • I receive spam email from HMRC every week asking for private information and income details, I delete them immediately so I am guessing this time they took a step further by sending me a letter to my home address, it's really frightening as of now I am sure that someone out there not only has my email address but even my home's

  • its spam, don't open or reply. i have been getting them for last couple of years. first time i got it I thought great i will get some money, but first called HMRC and they confirmed that they don't send emails or letters unless you make claim for tax refund yourself.

  • Will call them tomorrow to be on the safe side thanks ladies for sharing your thoughts

  • I received a letter from HMRC today in post asking all sorts of questions on tax credit claim. It has my husband's insurance number and a case reference number, and it ask us to send them bills of all purchases made for the baby (who keeps those now) and my insurance number (I never intent to work in UK so I have none and we told that in the original form)...and information for employment details between 6th October 2014 and 18th Feb 2014 (now 6th Oct. 2014 has to come still, so I dont know what they mean, because we filled claims based on 2012-13 year)

    So bizarre - I have called them, to reach an answer machine, I will call them and the HMRC number again, before returning any info - Also the return envelop does is not pre-paid and requires us to pay appropriate stamp (now I think that is again weird)

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