In-built "Mama is Resting" sensor

As I'm currently on my own with my little princess, I try to fit my own feeding times around her naps however it is rare that I am successful. As soon as I sit down with my breakfast/lunch/tea the fidgeting begins closely followed by the "Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MAMA I WANT ATTENTION AND I WANT IT NOW!". How dare I have time to myself!!

Now I know why my own mum is happy to drink cold tea and coffee and eat cold food (that was previously hot!).

Oh well, she is worth it and the husband will be home soon :)

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Lol they all do it! At least when she a little older she can join you for food lol! Yes I cant remember the last time I had a really hot drink but as you say they are worth it :-D xx


I know the feeling! I can remember when our LO was tiny I genuinely thought we would never get to eat a meal at the same time again...ever!

It does get better though - I won't say what I'm doing now or you'll be very jealous and cursing me!!


Ahh lol..tht used to happen to me too. Now I wait till hes fed and napped then I put him in his play gym and he entertains himself whilst I eat and clean etc.i often make a cup of tea then it gets forgotten about.'s gd ur oh will be home soon to lend u a hand. X


Haha I actually had time to eat it before she woke up fully although I did shovel it in too quick and feel a bit ill now :o



Oh yes so many times I shovel food into my mouth before my Lil one decides to awake from her 40 winks & seriously regret it later:)

It is like they have some sort of radar on us when we finally sit down or something isn't it, even as I type this reply I've had to pick her up & let her snooze on my chest as if I don't all hell would have broke loose in this house LOL! :)


My baby does this too, it's like they know everytime! Haha x


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