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32 weeks pregnant and so worried

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hi can someone please tell me that this is normel first of all it took me a year to get pregnant now im so worried now that im nearly due that im so happy something going to take it away i fell i dont deserve it dont know why im having these feelings its keeping me up its worst if the baby dont kick i start worrying i saw a girl when i was 7 weeks in the hospital crying because her baby died and ever since its in my mind please tell me that its normel to fell this way so near my due date

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Hey there. Firstly, of course you deserve your wee baby. And look how far you've come! 32 weeks of doing a brilliant job as a mum - growing your little one. It is natural to feel anxious. Having a baby is a huge life changing experience. Of course you'll worry. You want everything to be fine. For the girl you saw in the hospital it sadly wasn't and that has spooked you but that In no way means it'll happen to you. Focus on the fact that sometimes that does happen but the majority of the time everything turns out fine. When your baby is here you will be amazed at how you will worry about him or her because you'll want to do everything in your power to make sure he or she is happy and healthy lol! Have a chat with your midwife or partner. I am a dreadful worrier but a bit of perspective from someone else always sets me right. Take care xxx

Great reply - can't really improve on that except to agree that, yes, it is so totally normal to feel anxious at any and every stage of pregnancy and as Lj says maybe even more so once your baby arrives! The risk of losing a baby is already very small compared to the early stages of pregnancy like the poor girl you mentioned. But we all do it - personally I am expecting my 5th (yesterday!) and have reached the point where I feel like I have been so lucky so far that something is sure to go wrong... I think the thing is not to read into your worries that you are having a premonition of doom - if everyone who worried like us was right there just wouldn't be any babies - in the vast majority of cases all is fine and worry can be quite toxic so we have to try to stay positive for our babies too. All the best to you for the rest of your pregnancy. x

thanks so much for ur reply had chat for first time with husband this morning he was wondering why i wasnt sleeping i know its crazy to fell like this have 2 kids already 17 and 10 but for some reason this pregnancy has me so worried i think its because im older dont know nut well talk to midwife at next apiontment i think xxthanks

thanks i know its stupit why i worrnng i really dont know fell such a bond already 8 weeks to go cant wait have to really put worrys on the back of my mind

Hi I had a similar situation I had a miscarriage in may ans found out I was pregnant in Nov. I've been terrified especially when I started bleeding I thought it was gonna happen again and I was waiting tohear the baby had died I mentioned it to my gp and she really put my mind at ease she said stop thinking of the past and other peoples and take each day as it comes the baby is fine. Since then ive been enjoying pregnancy im 17 weeks now. You will be fine love just enjoy it. Xx

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thanks sorry to hear that its only since i have to keep track of movements i dont drink or smoke or anything that would put my baby in danger so i have to stop thinking the way i do congrats to u also

I feel the same. I was told it would be very difficult (if at all possible) to get pregnant without help so when we did it was a big surprise. Every appointment or scan, I expect them to tell me nothing is there anymore. Its got less as time has gone on but I still cant quite get my head round believing that in 3 months I'll have an actual real life bubba! Feels as though if you let yourself get your hopes up it'll come crashing down doesnt it. I think its pretty normal but try not to beat yourself up for feeling that way. Just enjoy every little kick and savour all the crap things too! I have horrible heartburn at the moment but it just reminds me how lucky I am :)

Awww dont think like that.. Though your not alone. Once the hormones and emotions get you, we all think all sorts. No matter how undeserving u feel, your little bub chose you to be his mummy.. Enjoy the next few weeks hun xxx

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