Gall stones and Breastfeeding

I know not many people may not be able to help but I am still waiting to hear back from the HV. I went to a and e on Monday night and was kept in intil last night as I've got gall stones (one stuck) and I was very jaundiced. I have been in agony and I've lost nearly a stone. LO is now more or less weaned in the day I'm just not sure what to do for the best milk wise. I have to have a camera down and then an operation so I need to at least get her on a bottle. I am seriously considering putting her on formula as I am not eating properly and don't want it to affect her. I tried expressing in the hospital with an electric pump and only managed 25 in 45 mins. Any advice appreciated sorry for the long post.

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Crikey! You have had it really tough! How old is your baby? I only bf for 5 weeks due to baby having severe colic. But I have to say, in your situation I wouldn't hesitate in swapping to formula. I think your body is going through enough at the moment and you need to get yourself well. If you have lost a stone your body will be finding it so hard to function alone never mind make enough milk with enough nutrition to sustain your baby. In addition and pain killers you are on will be passed to baby via milk! Of course it's up to you.. I've never had gall stones but I know people that have and how awful it was. Take care x

I need to do what's best for her first, then I'll sort myself out, need to get her to take a bottle but she's 6 months and never had one! I'm just not sure how to go about changing to formula or iow much to give her ect without upsetting her stomach, thanks for replying

There are so many choices when it cones to bottles and formula. There are some really good "breasty" bottles available. As for formula, I think they are all very similar we use cow and gate. (Cow and gate and aptamil are identical, just aptamil is more expensive!!) You can always get the ready made cartons to start off with, to see if she takes to it. what has your baby been having to drink while you have been in hospital or have you had her with you and breast fed her? X

I've done loads better with food today so I'm going to try to keep going for now see if I can get some expressed off for the op. There's always formula if it doesn't work, just really want to avoid it if I can! And I'm very lucky they let her stay with me, not the ideal situation at all but it worked for us.

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