My growth scan today showed that the baby is measuring small so I am being induced tomorrow - any advice or information?

I've been measuring slightly small throughout my pregnancy but I never thought anything of it. I'm now 38+4 weeks and the head and femur measurements are alright but the tummy measurement is small so I was advised to get induced either today or tomorrow. I chose tomorrow! I haven't even finished packing my hospital bag and now I'm facing spending possibly days in hospital! I'm not too worried about getting induced I just hope it gets off to a good start and progresses well I'll be so upset if I have to have a c-section. I was really wanting to stay at home for as long as possible and have a very calm and natural birth so this is a bit of a surprise. At least I know roughly when the baby will be coming. Any advice welcome, I will be spending the rest of tonight reading up on being induced! (And enjoying yummy food, internet access, freedom, my own home etc etc while I can lol)


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  • Sorry no advice really....but just wanted to wish you luck and hope you have a great experience x

  • Thanks :)

  • Hope all goes well for you! All that you know about your body and what can help is just as applicable to your labour tomorrow as if it started at home so hang onto all of that. My only bit of advice is to say that with induction it is often not the drip but the monitors which can stop you moving about as freely as you might want to do, being in an upright position etc. Continuous monitoring is standard in some places. However there is no good evidence that continuous monitoring produces better outcomes so if you find that it is really causing you problems or stress (sometimes the monitor loses the baby's heartbeat as it moves and that can make you anxious(!) but baby is just wiggling around know that it is up to you if you don't want it or want to have a break from it and walk around a bit. Bring some of your home comforts in with you and think about how you can keep it as personalized as possible... My first baby was induced and we planned carefully how we wanted to welcome her and asked for time alone to do that (MWs stayed in room but gave us some space as a family. Just a few thoughts. Have a happy birthday!

  • I 'think' at first at least I will only be monitored every 4hrs thank goodness, yes I'm taking as much as I can fit in my little case with me so I feel at home xx

  • Hope this is the kind of advice you mean...I would say, take lots to read & do. It can take a bit to get going. Make sure you drink plenty & eat little & often to keep your strength up. When contractions started for me & started to get a bit much, a warm bath helped- I had quite a few during the night lol also keep active for as long as you can while you can. Try not to read too much about induction, I was quite scared about how it could have ended in a section. Then I realised that I just had to go with it knowing that very soon I would have my baby- so keep focused on that xxx

    Wishing you lots of luck & I look forward to seeing pictures very soon :) xxx

  • Thanks :) I've got two Stephen King books packed lol should keep me going! Can you shower/bath whenever you want in the hospital?

  • Yeah pretty much. Just be careful you don't make it too warm- made me throw up! I stayed on the ward until codeine was useless for the pain then they took me down to delivery for something a little stronger. They also have birth balls to help keep you active, I was told to rotate my hips while sat on it & not bounce- as apparently all I would achieve doing that was giving baby a headache lol

  • Hi

    I've never being induced with any of my children so I unfortunately can't give you any advise upon this but I'm sure as the induction is planned there's no reason it cannot be as calm as you want it to be.

    I must admit I think the decision was just a bit harsh to decide on having the induction now as you mentioned all the other measurements are fine expect for the stomach, the baby could still decide to start a spontaneous labour, but as I'm not a medical professional or anything I have no right to judge that.

    Good luck & I'll be looking forward to your birth story


  • Thanks, I know I was surprised they went straight for an induction, I think that measurement was just too low? I'll see what they say again tomorrow xx

  • Hi hun

    Wishing you lots of luck for your induction and meeting your baby xx

  • :)

  • Wow what a shock that must have been!

    No induction experience I'm afraid but wishing you a good labour and stay positive. Stay away from the internet and induction stories tonight!!! Just focus on meeting your little one and getting some rest xx

  • Thanks you, thankfully I havent had time to read too much as I've been busy packing my bag haha yes will stay positive and just try to relax :)

  • Thank you for all your replies - great to have some encouragement and well wishes! I will update you as soon as I can, getting induced around 2pm tomorrow xx

  • No induction experience, but I think a general sense of happy excitement and no regards to fear what-so-ever makes the labour progress faster (i read it in a very old book given by my mum that humans like animals can not give birth while afraid - so put fear aside - all will be well :D ) enjoy mum-hood

  • Thanks :) Yes I always think about how animals go through labour so naturally and without fuss - even though I'm being induced which isn't natural, I am going to try and keep a natural, animal mind set ;)

  • Hi there! I was induced and had to stay in a while. I would recommend packing an eye mask and ear plugs!! Good luck

  • I was induced at 38+ 5 too, it's quite a scary thought when u just get told it's going to happen I was also induced due to baby's growth she hasn't grown for the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, but don't panic, u have to be prepared to wait, I had my 1st pessary but in at 5 o'clock on the Thursday and was told it would be 24 hours till it would be taken out and if it hadn't worked they'd put in another and same again with that one and if that didn't work id be put on the drip, well roughly 17-18 hours after my first pessary was put in I started having pains to go to the toilet did so and was in the toilet for an hour on return I asked my partner to fetch the midwife with painkillers by the time the midwife got to my bed my waters broke and within 2 hours she was born, I was told after my birth that induction is suppose to make it more painful I can honestly say the contractions were agony! But the birth itself was fine, just go with what u think is best for urself ie pain relief etc, but induction is quite boring it's the wait that u have to endure I know some ppl on my ward had been there a couple of days but good luck!!! Hope everything goes perfect for you xx

  • Take a pillow! Or some home comforts.. Even snacks. I was in for just over a week and my mum went and got me bits from home as I don't live too far away but mid week I just want my bed back so she brought it to me ha ha. Good luck!

  • I haven't got any advice which hasn't been said already...But I'm wishing you all the best, I hope everything goes well :-) X

  • any updates?? did all go well?

  • Im holding my little girl now, will post a birth story when I get home from the hospital :)

  • Wow!! Congratulations!! Looking forward to hearing all about her xx

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