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Swimming nappies. Anyone recommend any?

I want to take my baby swimming ( and also on holiday in a few months time).

I was just wondering what brand of swimming no nappies people recommend? I've seen the huggies swim disposable ones on offer but then. I've also seen some reusable ones that look like little knickers.

Most swimming classes recommend these splash about happy nappy things but then some people have said you need a disposable nappy underneath them.

As you can tell I'm confused as to what my baby actually needs to wear! I don't mind paying the price of the disposable ones for the occasional swim but whilst we're on holiday we need something she can wear when in and out of the pool etc.

Any advice help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi. I use the huggies swim nappies because they were the only ones available when I needed them but they are good. However, I will buy a reusable nappy when ds outgrows the current size. If you go to a swimming pool this is all you need. If you go to lessons you will need a nappy (disposable or reusable) AND a neoprene over nappy. For peace of mind, and more importantly double protection against leaking, I use both nappies any way when not in swim lessons. The neoprene over nappy isn't designed to be worn on it's own. Hope that helps. :)


I'm going to start bringing my daughter swimming in the next month and this is one question I had too! I found the splash site - like you say, they are apparently recommended by swimming groups. The site says can be used with or without a disposable swimming nappy. I'm going to be getting one next week (after payday - these babies are expensive little blighters!)


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I lived in Australia when my children were younger so you can imagine we went swimming all the time sometimes more than once a day as few friends had pools. I used the huggies disposables as I tried a few wash ones but didn't find they were too great with the leaks. To save money though I would take them off carefully(eg not rip the sides but pull them back down) and hang them on line to dry....found I could use them quite a few times before they needed changing. xxx


It does depend on where you take them as to what they have to wear, just check before you go.

Huggies are disposable and good I've found. Some places allow just that - I wouldn't be too confident if it was a poo though!

Then over the top you can buy Splash About Happy Nappy that keeps everything in!!

I always use both together and no accidents so far!!

Happy swimming!!x


I used the splash about happy nappy with Huggies disposables, never had any problems! More recently I bought the splash about reusable nappy and put the happy nappy over the top and that's done a good job of holding poo in too. I would recommend investing in the reusable, they dry quickly as they are quite thin and the neoprene happy nappy dries quickly if you take it off and squeeze it out then roll it in a towel, then you can put it back on. Usually babies are happy in a pool for up to half an hour, have fun.


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