38 weeks today & I don't feel that pregnant :s

This sounds strange but today marks the 38th week of my pregnancy and I don't feel pregnant. What I mean is, I don't feel all the usual niggles, heaviness, breathlessness, or tiredness. I have been cleaning and moving about with ease and haven't been dashing to the loo all day! It's great but I'm just wondering if this is the calm before the gut is telling me that this means my little cub will be here soon....any other ladies experienced this before labour?

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Hello, I'm 38+2 weeks and I feel physically great. I've had no braxton hicks or anything and definitely feel like this is the calm before the storm which is quite unnerving I feel totally unprepared for labour, I hope I get some warning haha! It's great to still feel good at this point and I'm just going to stay as active as possible and try not to worry - good luck for the next two weeks and let us know how you get on :)

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There were times in late pregnancy last time when I didn't feel pregnant was walking around as if all was normal - except for the big bump and the constant kicking when still lol. Sounds lovely enjoy it.


i guess you all are lucky Lol i feel so pregnant&tired right now at 37weeks


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