I met my baby last night!

Morning ladies, I just wanted to share my strange dream with you all. I'm officially in my third trimester today and last night, I dreamt that my little girl popped out my belly button and came out to play. She was still attached and I could only have her for about an hour but she was so cute and lovely. Then I popped her back in my belly to carry on cooking. It was nice to see her for a bit!! I wonder if she'll look like she did in my dream?! very strange but oddly lovely dream. Anyone else have strange baby dreams on the run up to the big push? x

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Aww, what a lovely dream! I had one towards the end of my first trimester that my baby looked like an alien, then it grew really big, really quick. At some point, I also misplaced the baby in the tumble dryer. It was terrifying. I hope I get a nice baby dream soon! X

haha oh no! well I'm sure you wont really put the baby in the tumble dryer! I've been feeling really calm and actually quite excited about labour so perhaps it's about that. I'm sure you'll have a happy one soon! x

wow, :)

what a lovely but peculiar dream. I one of those women who really believe in getting premonitions of things that are going to happen very soon.

hopfeully not too soon of course as the baby still needs a few more weeks but i hope she's everything you imagined once she is born


Yh I had a dream quite early on that the baby was pushing his fingers through my skin out of my belly. It was creepy. It was because I could feel him through my belly and he was laying funny so felt very angled....must have played on my mind that night haha xx

Hi! What a lovely dream!! I had a dream too , in my first trimester though, that I was in hospital, getting ready for a c-section and whilst getting undressed to put on the lovely gown they give you I started seeing my little girl through my skin and then she almost popped out, I could cradle her and I called my partner and we looked at her in amazement. She was so beautiful!!! It turns out that I am having a girl and I am booked in for a c-section on Thursday as she is breeched... A premonition?!?!?! Freaky, isn't it? I too wonder if she is going to look like she did in my dream as I still have the image of her face in my head... Good luck to you and let us know if she looks the same, it'd be interesting to know! xx

how spooky! yes, i could see her like that too and cradle her before she popped out! it was awesome. I've just had my lunch and got the strangest sensation deep in my belly and wonder if she's just engaging? perhaps she was letting me know she's getting ready to come out and meet us.

good luck for Thursday, how exciting you're only a couple of days away from meeting your little girl, thats so exciting, do let me know if she looks like you remember x

I had a weird one at about 26 weeks. On my 20 week scan pics, you can't see my baby's full legs, they looked like they were stumps just below the knee. Now I realise that had there have been any abnormalities, the sonographer would have noticed however I didn't half panic about it!

One night I dreamt that I was on my own in bed when I went into labour. Out popped my girl, completely clean and umbilical cord free and she had her legs including feet and toes. However she didn't have arms!!!

Thankfully, when she was born, she was fully intact :)

I had a dream last night that I gave birth, was perfectly healthy albeit being 11 weeks early but I kept telling my husband that he would have to call my work as

wouldn't be able to do tonight's night shift. I also had a dream a while ago that I misplaced my baby but someone had set me up a treasure hunt so could find it again!

It's odd isn't it.

I hate to be the one to break it to you...but she ain't coming out of your belly button!! ;)

but it was so easy and pain free!

If only it was that simple lol!

If only it actually worked like that eh!! :) x

I've had a couple. One was horrible! When the baby started kicking it was the whole baby. Almost like it was jumping out my skin. Think that's because not sure I'm gonna like seeing it kick lol. Then after the first scan the other day we saw a lot of baby's feet. So had a dream the little foot was poking through the skin enough to squeeze it and the baby squeeked when I did lol xx

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