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2 days overdue and absolutely no signs of labour :(


Hello ladies, just wanted some advice as I am now 2 days overdue and having no signs the baby is on his way :( This is my first pregnancy and the baby is not engaged nor am I having any labour niggles at all. I really can't wait to meet my baby finally but this waiting is making me so anxious! Are there any natural ways I can speed things along at all? I feel completely normal and I am very active and able to do everything as usual, thought I'd be meeting my baby by now :( Please let me know if you have any suggestions and experiences of the same things Xx

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bless you bet you just want him/her here now! im 34weeks and cant wait to meet him :) i have no previous experience but i hear lots of walking can help, hot curries, sex, and being on all 4's for example cleaning the floor lol. they are all ment to help! Good luck :) xxxx

I baked a cake and then walked into town to get some Philadelphia to ice it the morning I went into labour with my first - town was a good 25-30 minute walk each way when not pregnant! I would definitely recommend walking. We'd been having lots of sex and I would recommend that just because it will be your last chance before having a small one to think about and you don't know how sore you will be after birth and therefore it could be months before you have sex again!!

Didn't try it last time, but would this time if I go overdue (I'm 34 weeks too), acupressure, reflexology or aromatherapy massage - you need to find a practitioner that knows what their doing, but it's supposed to help and I think it'll help you feel relaxed and happy getting those oxytocin hormones flowing...

spinningbabies.com - some info about optimal fetal positioning, something to read. Scrub those floors, help baby engage.

Keep busy, find some baby groups to go to, there's usually a bumps and babes which is good as you might meet some other pregnant mums and you can get tips off new mums, just don't let them tell you their birth stories unless they are lovely calm nice births! Do some visualisations of baby being born and holding him/her.

Remember in France they say pregnancy lasts 41 weeks, so maybe your baby thinks it's French and you're not overdue at all! Good luck!

Your "due date" isn't a use by or best before date, its an estimation of when your baby is ready to meet the big wide world. Most babies don't arrive on their due date and first timers tend to hang on in there (my midwife jokes its because they don't know which way to go :P )

Most midwives won't worry until you go to 42 weeks (the good ones anyway) as your actual delivery day can be any time within the two weeks before and two weeks after your due date.

My due date for this one is Feb 26th so I've decided she'll be here between Feb 12th and march 12th. As another mum I know said to me once, "we make cakes and lets face it, we can't even get the times down to the minute for them since its dependant on so many different things so is it any wonder we can't get the dates for a baby right?!"

Be patient, enjoy the last few days of being a non-parent (trust me, there'll be times you'll wonder why on earth you chose to be one!) and try to relax. Your baby will put in an appearance when they're ready.

Hello I'm in the same position my little man was due on the 8th. I'm 3/5 engaged and have had niggles for months but he just keeps teasing me. I have been going for hour long walks every day, lots of curry, raspberry tea, reflexoloy yo nname it! I just think he isn't ready yet :( all the best x

I know it can be really difficult waiting the last little bit. As a mum of four, I now know this time before your first baby arrives is precious, make the most of it and enjoy it, especially if you are feeling good in yourself. Let the midwife worry about the dates, while you need to try to stop counting days. As others have said 'due dates' are not an exact science. 42 weeks is still normal, so get that pampering for yourself in now. Your baby will come when he/she is ready, or as my husband's grandmother always told me 'when the apple's ripe, it will fall'!! Don't be letting your mind run away with itself and getting all anxious because that anxiety will transfer to baby and can also stall a labour. You need to feel relaxed, safe and secure before your body knows it is safe to give birth to your baby. We are animals at the end of the day and any animal will birth best when they are in a relaxed environment and state of mind. I also recommend walking, relaxation, reflexology and sex. Keep positive and best wishes. What's a few more days when you've been waiting months and you'll have plenty of time with baby when they arrive - like the next 18 years or so;)

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What a lovely reply with some great words of wisdom - I guess after 4 babies you finally get the hang of it!xx


My 1st child was overdue nearly 2 wks after the expected date of delivery but luckily enough he decided to start labour of spontaneously.

The only & best advice i could give you is to just stay as active as possible, the more time you spend sitting down worrying about your feet or dwelling on the arrival of the Lil one he or she will take longer.

My 2nd child ( now nearly 4 months old) couldn't wait to come out & show herself I almost couldnt believe it.


I know what u are going though. I was 10 days late with my first + second. Nothing worked. With my first I had a sweep. + with my second I had to have 3 sweeps . I have been told raspberry tea works. I did not try it myself good luck with the baby.

Hiya I know how you feel I was 10 days overdue & then induced to meet my little man. I promised myself I wouldn't be upset when my due date came & went but its hard not to be. Although he was engaged from 36 weeks I had no real signs that labour was going to start & just felt impatient & frustrated. I now see why everyone says dont panic & enjoy those last few days/weeks as they sure keep you busy when they do arrive! I tried waking, curry etc but didn't work for me. Try to stay positive you will meet them soon enough hope all goes well for you :)

Hiya, i remember saying to a friend on her birthday which was two days before my due date last September, that there were no signs if baby. Little did I know that everything would start the following morning as I woke at 6am! My daughter is my second child and arrived one day early. The start of both labours was completely different so I guess you never know when it will happen. Just get lots if rest so you have energy for the labour. Baby will arrive soon I'm sure and not all babies engage until labour actually starts too.


Hi. As long as you feel ok in yourself. I was itchy across my chest but I put it down to the heat. Turns out it was far more serious and had to be induced. If you're itching at all go to the dr.s asap. (not meaning to scare but it's best to be in the know) Take care and good luck

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