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How much Ranitidine is safe for baby?

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Our almost 4 week old has been prescribed ranitidine at 3 x .5mg per day, on those 3 feeds it works like a miracle, no reflux symptoms at all, but the rest of the time is still horrible, poor little mite gets in a right state. We've tried halving the dose but doubling the frequency, this has mixed results but generally helps a bit. For those that have used it, how much we're you allowed to give? My doctor says this is the maximum but she's still very young and I wonder if she's being extra cautious as she hasn't the experience. I would like to ask for a second opinion but thought I'd ask here first.

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Hi, mine has been on ranitidine since she was 7 days old and gaviscon from 5 days old. The dose of ranitidine prescribed was as per the information leaflet - 0.6mls 3 times a day. She was on gaviscon for each feed.

She is 14 weeks today and I've got her down to one dose of ranitidine a day and 1-2 of gaviscon. You can buy infant gaviscon over the counter (it's 6quid odd) so if your doctor won't prescribe it, you can get it yourself.

You can either mix it with the formula (but it needs mixed with a min of 115 mls - I don't know how much yours is taking or if you are bf or formula) or mix it with water - the instructions are on the packet but feel free to give me a shout if you want any advise :) x

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Oh, also, Ranitidine contains alcohol so I wouldn't give more than what has been prescribed x)

I've personally never used or being prescribed this ranitidine but of what I've read from the last comment & a online source it contains alcohol.

Therefore I don't think it'll be a good idea to give your Lil one any extra doses than the reccomendation of the G.p's prescription.


Hi Armywag and Abenaa, thanks for your replies, I have been to the chemist and got the gaviscon, fingers crossed it helps too. I've certainly no intention of giving him any more ranitidine than prescribed, I just wanted to be sure I was doing all I could for him, it appears he is pretty much on maximum so will just have to hope it improves soon. Thanks again.x

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No worries! Hopefully it will help your lo x

Hi, Ranitidine works by reducing the stomach acid & therefore easing the symptoms of acid reflux (we use it frequently in veterinary medicine and we can only use it at the prescribed dose 3x daily). If you give less more frequently this will not work as the dose is calculated on approx body weight, I would stick to what the GP has prescribed.

Are you doing all the other things to ease get symptoms? Keeping upright for 30 mins after feed, tilting the Moses/Cot? Etc. x

Hi cheekymonkey, thanks for the info re dose, that would make sense. Unfortunately 30 mins is the minimum we can get away with, and even then only between 8am and lunch time, after lunch it goes down hill and I can hardly put him down other than some times when he' his car seat, even holding him is hard as he sees me as the milk bar and just wants to feed, which makes it worse still. Then he steadily gets worse through until the early hours when he's hysterical from about 11pm until 3 ish, he then normally falls asleep after a feed as he's exhausted, then he's awake for a feed again by 5.30. He's normally ok after this feed and through the next morning then it all starts again. He normally settles with daddy for a couple of hours in the evening provided he's held, can't be put down.

Sorry for essay, just exasperated, sat with him screaming next to me at present as even holding him isn't working, took him out in the car an hour ago but it didn't help, just don't know what more I can do. Need to be something like rested by 6 am when 3 year old will be bouncing around! Oh boy what fun. Hope others are managing more sleep.x

Oh god Hun that's sounds dreadfull, I don't know how you deal with all of that, my niece I was told had bad reflux and she was weaned earlier, I think around 4 months? (Have just seen your LO is 4 weeks old too so you have eons to go to even get to 4 months)

Have you spoken to your health visitor? Do you think Colicky as well? It's not the same but my LO went through a phase of distressing evenings and I put it down to that as was inconsolable at times.

You cannot be getting any rest either :-(

Are you using a sling for when needing to keep her upright & might give her some much needed rest. I used a Close Caboo as we had a stage of not wanting to be put down and he would fall asleep in only regret was not investing sooner.

Sounds also like your dealing with a very overtired little princess too and that's never a pretty sight.

Ps...when we use Ranitidine orally at work we don't offer food for 30 minutes to give it time to work. Do you? could you try the same? Xx

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Hello. I k ow this post is a long time ago but I just want to say thank you. Your post made me feel like I'm not the only one going through this. My 3.5 week old got prescribed ranitidine today. I haven't noticed much difference yet but noticed she fed for longer. She went to sleep in her carseat and then I carefully transferred her to the cot an hour later. Fingers crossed for a good night. If you read my reply, do u have any more tips and tricks from what you learnt to help your newborn?

Hi Cheekymonkey, rest.....hmm, no not getting much at present. I have a front carrier but it's uncomfortable to use at present as I'm trying to get rid of thrush in my breasts, so am quite sore. On the plus side he is growing well, looking forward to his next weighing.

I don't know re colic, I think they're normally older but could be, going to see how we go with the gaviscon today and contact hv if no better by tomorrow. I think evenings are well know for not being babies' favourite time of day, I'd just like it if it didn't last until early hours.

Thanks for the heads up re giving the ranitidine in advance, there's nothing in the leaflet re when to give and the doctor didn't say, I'd been giving it just before a feed so will try this too.

Hope things are going ok for you, and thank you for your support.x

I can only speak of my experience with my girl since she was born; reducing the doses of ranitidine hasn't made her reflux worse. I was actually advised to reduce it gradually by the staff in SCBU and my GP to see how she reacts. She had a paed appointment at 10 weeks to check on her development and the paed asked about her medication. When I said she was now on 1 dose a day, she agreed that that was fine if it worked for my girl. It was only when the gaviscon she'd been prescribed ran out that her reflux got worse - she was coughing more frequently so I reintroduced it but not with every feed. I give the ranitidine on her last feed at night.

The ranitidine is given to her half way through or just before a feed - as I was told to administer it. She does't like the taste of it but by giving it to her when she is due a feed and hungry, she will take it (I put it in the teat of the bottle and she will suck it out rather than with the syringe so by the time she has realised she doesn't like it, it's already swollowed lol). Having read up about it, some are told to give it on an empty stomach (up to 30 mins before a feed as Cheekymonkey has suggested) and some with a feed (like I've been told). They way you have been giving it seems to be working for you though as it's just the feeds where he doesn't get it where he has the problem. Hopefully the gaviscon will give your little one some relief during those feeds.

I have my daughters crib elevated by a couple of inches. Luckily she sleeps well and I've never really had any problems with putting her down.

The only symptom I notice are frequent hiccups. She has at least one 'attack' of those a day (she has one right now and is starting to get frustrated).

I've heard a lot about Chiropractic treatment for colicky babies but it's also supposed to work for reflux. It is something I'm considering trying.

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Having said the above, she is due a feed in about 30 mins so due to the hiccups, i thought i'd give her some ranitidine now. I usually just give her a small amount of water when she has them for a while.

Hi, my LO is 3 years old now but hr had silent reflux as a baby, he was on ranitidine and domperidone. It used to work for a whole but every so often I had to keep getting his prescriped dose upped because I believe it's worked out by their weight, so as he got bigger, he needed more. I did have to get referred to a pediatrician because my dr could only prescribe a certain amount. I really feel for you because I still remember all the crying, unfortunately that's pretty much all I remember from his first 4/5 months. It got considerable better once I started weaning him. Also gaviscon didn't work for him & also can cause constipation. I raised his cot, used Dr Brown bottles, kept him upright for about 30 mins after every feed. I used to let him sleep on me & in bed with me because that's when he slept best and used to feel awful for doing that because everyone used to say he will get used to it but as soon as he was better he slept in his own bed and has ever since, he is a brilliant sleeper. I just wish I had enjoyed the cuddles more without feeling guilty about it and believe me, it will get better. Good luck x

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Mamalove in reply to GsLouise83

Hi i know its been 3years since you posted this i just came across it and would like to know how long till your child got off medication please?

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