Boots changing bag offer

Hi, has anyone redeemed the latest Boots Parenting Club voucher for a free changing bag with a pack of Pampers nappies? I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of size, compartments, etc?

Seen someone selling a Silver Cross swirls changing bag and weighing up between getting that or just getting this one free. SC one does seem to be lacking in compartments though.

Or does anyone have any recommendations?



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28 Replies

  • I got this one..

    It has 2 side compartments for bottles, 4 compartments in the front and back including a change mat in one of them then 6 inside pockets. Also a clip for keys. I love it and have used daily for 7 months and sill immaculate. All wipe clean etc.

    I also get lists of comments on the nice design! Xx

  • My silver cross bag has no compartments. Just a changing mat. It's all good for me, I don't really need the compartments and it matches my pram. So maybe go for the other if compartments are a deal breaker for you :-) x

  • I have the freebie boots one, always thought for the price of a pack of pampers why not....No brainer for me and if was not up to the job then I would buy one. I am still using it 5 months on. As I start to carry more I might need something bigger then I might opt for a backpack.

    The boots one has 2 front pockets which I keep muslin and bibs in, a bottle holder foil lined on the end which often holds a water bottle for mummy, 3 internal smaller inserts which I put nappy sacks, cream etc in, zippy full length pocket which I use to slide the changing mat in and leave unzipped as I consider soiled....which incidentally comes with it.

    :-) Go get it as a starter bag X

  • I got my bag off ebay. .I love a gd bargain. .is a yummy mummy bag rrp 80!!! But I got it for 15. X

  • I have the free Boots one which is very practical but also treated myself to a Storksak which I love!

  • That's it!! I want the free boots one too because it's free!!!!!! I'm missing out here and it's not right!

  • Ahh but it's got compartments so I don't think you'll like it, lol!!!

  • That is not the point...they are FREE compartments!! I can definitely live with that lol :D X

  • Get it!! ;-) Xx

  • Off to Boots for you first thing this morning then!!! I hope you're in the Parenting Club!!

  • Not yet :-( James has a cold so we are chilling. I think I signed up for it last time I was there on a machine....need to check when I next go!

  • Ahh poor James! Hope he's feeling up to collecting his new changing bag soon!!xx

  • Thank you :-) what colour is it btw? Might suit our new buggy :D x

  • It's just plain black. New buggy is exciting!x

  • Yay! The buggy is black so I'm liking the matchiness :-) I seriously found getting the buggy ridiculously more exciting than I should have. Oh how my life has changed lol x

  • Lol, I'm so excited about buying our buggy/pram, it makes everything seem more 'real' (if that makes sense?)! X

  • Yh that's how I felt when I ordered our pram :-) and now I just enjoy buying any new stuff for him!! Need to get rich quick I think to keep up haha x

  • Got my boots changing bag....whoop!! X

  • Woohoo! Have you filled the compartments yet?x

  • Not yet....working out where I should put the important things...bottles, toys, mummys pick and mix haha x

  • Ooh yeh I love pick and mix! Do you have The Range stores near you? A whole cup full for £1.99!! Often eat the whole lot and feel very sick xx

  • Not that I've found round here....but wilkinsons is good for a decent price of pick and loads today for £ the cinema would have been nearer a fiver for the same stuff :O x

  • Thanks Ladies! Some good tips. cheekymonkey, we were also looking at a backpack possibly, would be better my trips out when hubbie can carry it too, works when carrying baby in sling or harness at the same time. They are expensive though, looking at Babymule or Pacapod, so will keep an eye on eBay too ceribean. I am tempted to get one that actually looks like a handbag though, if it's going to be replacing it, but then I'm constantly going to be moving bits from one to the other when OH needs to take baby out. The Boots one seems to have some good features so does seem worth getting it as starter bag, if I'm going to be needing to buy nappies anyway!

  • Do it dancing doris! X

  • Get it! I used my free Boots one until I needed to carry more things like snacks, then I bought a Babymel, which I really like, but the changing mat that came with it was rather small, so I put the changing mat from the Boots bag into my Babymel bag. I'm pregnant with number 2 and have been out and got my second free Boots bag already, so this baby can have a new changing mat if nothing else!

  • I have this and two years on you can hardly tell its that old! It has several compartments (small zip at top where I put my keys and purse, two outer large pockets and two outer smaller ones and several inside) and a changing mat!

    I also have the boots bag, perfect for shorter outings yet isn't waterproof.. Or well doesn't take well to a small amount of rain. It now looks as if it's about to split and is "transparent" I've not had it long either

  • Is this a voucher you have received through the post from Boots? I completed the application for the Boots Parenting Club before I had mine but not received anything from them.... I need a new changing bag too!

  • It's just a voucher attached to the welcome letter so can do online or in store X

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