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Making formula

Hi all...I know making bottles in advance is not recommended however midwife also suggested to me it is acceptable as long as you use within 24hrs and keep in the fridge.

So far since LO was born 6 months I've made bottles on demand. My questions are if you make bottles in advance... you put it straight in fridge when it's hot/just made?

...when you heat it back up can you just warm to required temp or have to hear back up to hot and cool down (can't see the point if you have to do this)?

Thanks in advance - sorry that this has been asked already xxx

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I've been told that you need to boil fresh kettle of water, let it cool for 30mins, then make up bottles as you normally would, then cool for another hour before putting in the fridge. You can just heat to required temp as needed xxxx


Ok great, thanks!


My boy is 15 weeks I have always pre made bottles I just boil fresh water fill bottles straight away leave for a couple of mins till the water stops steaming (as it clogs my spoon up) and put my milk in and leave on side till its cold I sometimes leave them out over night ( I live in old farm house no heating in the kitchen so its always very cold) then put in fridge and if im out I leave them in my bag all day and he hasn't had any issues with tummy aches. The only thing I don't do is keep reheating i will reheat if he's taking a slow feed and ages to burp but other than that once heated I throw excess away. I heard all this 2hours and don't pre make is all to encourage you to buy more milk as you throw more away. its can't hurt your baby giving pre made! some reflux milks make U mix them cold where as others say not to as baby milk isn't sterile and certainly isn't once opened so its all marketing and common sense on not letting it keep warm in a heated house where bacteria can grow fir hours on end x


Hey...just found a WHO link in previous post confirming you can prepare in advance and safest way to do so..

Thanks all x

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We used formula with our first, we made up a while in advance but with slightly less boiling water than recommended, once cooled we put them in the fridge then topped up with fresh boiling water when we needed them. If going out we took a premade bottle just the same and a flask of boiling water.


A friend whose sister in law is a GP, recommended the following. Make up the bottles with boiled water and leave them on the side and then added the formula powder as and when needed, so used less fridge space. When going out take the amount of formula powder measured out in a tub (which later can be used for snacks) and the bottles with cooled boiled water in. My lo rarely had her bottles warmed up and she seemed quite happy to have it at room temp - didn't like fridge cold temp though. Again recommended to use within 24 hours.


I think most people do it slightly you can see from the responses above. I got really stressed about this as making fresh feeds every time is pretty impractical (prempting when LO is ready to feed or LO waiting for kettle to boil, bottle to be made and cooled down ahhhh!), I found this by the food standards agency I have followed this, making perhaps 4 at a time (so you only have to make a batch in the morning and then again at night), cooling the bottles in cold water ASAP and then putting in fridge so they are stored at ideal temp sooner rather than later. I then just warm the bottle up to temp my LO likes when shes ready for a feed. I'm sure you will find something that works for you. X


I have always put kettle water to the required oz, put lid on so heat can escape and leave in a jug of cold water untill i need to put scoops in. Then if it needs warming i shake it take off the top micro it for 45 seconds shake well to rid hot spots then give it xx


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