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Reflux, irritability and dairy?

Has anyone noticed if your babies have more Reflux and are more irritable when you consume dairy? I was initially dairy free when I first started breastfeeding but reintroduced dairy 10 days ago (LO is 13 wks old). For the past few days, LO has been regurgitating rivers of milk and seems more irritable while possetting. It seems unusual for Reflux to get worse not better with age, which makes me wonder if this is linked to dairy? Thanks for any advice x

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its quite a common allergy for babies to have..although with allergies they wont do anything unless severe for 6months, I was told this as my boyfriend is wheat intolerant and I was worried but hes eating porridge now and no reaction so hopefully all gd. cud u keep a record or little diary of what u eat then lo's reaction and then u might b able to make a decision whether to stay dairy free or not x


Hi, my lg who is 17 wks has reflux (on meds) and showed no signs of improvement, if anything it got worse. I was constantly back and forth to the drs and hospital they have agreed she has cows milk protein allergy. They have changed her milk but only a few days in and yet to see a difference. If you feel your little one maybe intolerant to diary speak to your HV (if you have a nice one lol!) and she should be able to go through the symptoms if not go straight to the drs. I was really lucky as my HV and everyone has been amazing. Good luck with it all and if you need anymore support or tips on reflux there is a fb group called living with reflux uk charity. It has been my life saver xx


Have you tried changing your baby's meds? My wee one has reflux and started off on gaviscon but meds then changed to ranitidine which made the world of a difference to him. Sometimes different meds work better for different babas. He is 9 months now and still on it but hopefully he will come off it soon! I so hope you find something that works for you because any mum who has a baby with reflux knows how hard it can be sometimes xx


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