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Has anyone changed brands of formula?


My little one is always windy, he's 7 weeks and I hate to see him straining so hard to pass wind. I'm thinking of changing formula, any advice would be gratefully received!

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YES I changed when I had my first little boy, I was on SMA to start with then changed to Cow & gate. I cant remember why.


In my opinion I think babies under the age of about 15-18 wks old will have some form of trouble with wind no matter what formula we give them.

I give my daughter " 14 wks old" cow & gate stage 2 formula & all in all is usually fine with it but I do find I'll have to give her some gripe water on a few occasions after her feed.

Bit of trial and error... Mine is on SMA, she was to begin with but tried Aptamil when she was about 7-8 weeks and windy but she didn't get on with it so back on SMA and all is good now. ^^^ gripe water is good though.

My son is now 17 weeks and only just coming out of a colic / trapped wind stage. After weeks of griping and wind (and trying actimel/gripewater/nutramigen/colief etc etc) We have got him on cow and gate comfort formula and use Dr Brown's bottles teet size2). Has worked really well and we are now just starting to integrate him back onto 1st milk so we can start to give him hungry milk and then ween him.Massaging also helps. .. go on you tube and put in baby massage for babies with trapped wind... The videos show some great techniques x

Time is also something you just have to give it... Good luck xxxxx


My friend swears by dr brown's bottles for wind n colic for her little one

I changed from SMa to cow and gate at about 5 wks. midwife said no need to do anything other than straight swap so once we finished the tin we moved over. The change didn't seem to effect him at all. He was also really windy so defs recommend dr browns bottles as someone else said, they're brilliant and a bit of perseverance, until he got a bit older he continued to have difficulty with winding so had to spend ages after a feed helping him to get it up. Good news is it does pass, from about 3 months he's barely needed winded at all he can do it himself.

How about Lactose-Free (LF) milk ?

You could try cow and gate comfort formula found in big boots stores. Thats good for consipation might help a bit. But my daughter had bad colic from trapped wind she had it terrible screamed for hour sometimes. They normally do suffer with bad wind at this age you could try some gripe water. Coli leaf of infercol but they only work a little bit. Normally they dont alway improve until there at least 3 months. My daughter had terrible trapped wind but it only stopped at 3-4 months then she was fine no more wind problems but after that then you get the teething pain starting lol get rid of one problem then starts another but now shes finished teething too

My son (5 weeks) has had problems with wind and what I thought was colic for the past week. About 3 weeks ago he was very constipated and windy on aptamil so I changed him gradually to hipp organic (which my daughter was on). We read that you should always introduce a new formula gradually with one fees a day. On the day we tried to give him too many hipp feeds he had an awful evening of inconsolable crying and severe trapped wind. I immediately returned him to aptamil and started adding colief which seemed to make a big difference. I've since taken him to an osteopath and a GP who aren't convinced he has a lactose intolerance but I'm sticking with the colief for now as he seems to find it easier to bring up wind. I've tried infacol too but didn't find it helpful.

So if you are trying a new formula do it slowly as apparently each slight change can upset their digestion a great deal and requires the gut to deal with a whole new set of enzymes. As someone else has said though, young babies will prob all suffer a bit and so if a formula seems relatively ok despite a few downsides then perhaps see it out until baby has a more developed digestive system in case it improves on its own.

Good luck!

It's such a relief to know that there are others out there experiencing the same thing. Thank you all so much for your stories and advice. I shall continue with SMA but use gripe water more often xx

My little one was the same. He had colic. Midwife told me to switch to cow & gate comfort milk, he is now nearly 6 months old and it has done brilliantly for him since early on. xx

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