Does microwaving milk destroy the nutrients?

I'm using MAM bottles and according to the user instructions on their website, it says we can warm milk in the MAM bottles in the microwave. I'm doing this by 15 seconds in the microwave, shake, and another 15 seconds in the microwave and shake again. I have a food thermometer and the temperature gets to about 35 degrees. However, hubby says that the important nutrients might get destroyed by warming in the microwave. Is this true? I'm confident that by shaking the bottle sufficiently, we shouldn't be getting pockets of hot milk, so I'm just concerned about losing precious nutrients. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks


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5 Replies

  • Mmm not sure really, I've never heard of that before. Main concern would obv be hot pockets which you've already mentioned. I've certainly heated a few bottles of milk this way in the past. I wouldn't be concerned xx

  • I've just had my first health visitor visit & got a leaflet on making up formula- nothing in there about it, and a quick google mentions that it might be true for breast milk, but nothing about formula xx

  • I've been microwaving mine for a few weeks now, only doing it for 15 seconds or a max of 20 seconds if I need to change her first. I only want to take the fridge chill off it not necessarily make it warm. Ideally (according to all the bumph) it should be made fresh each time as we all know but let's be practical here eh! My HV and midwives said making them up, putting in fridge and warming in hot water is fine but so is the microwave as long as it's shuck well. X

  • I definitely would not warm expressed breast milk in the microwave, as for formula I don't know what is advised X

  • The science behind microwave heating is that it targets the water molecules to heat up, and that then spreads heat to the others around them so it shouldn't take nutrients away, except those lost as steam, but considering the fact that the milk should not get that warm, you should be fine. If worried, use the bottle in hot water method instead as then you can keep the teet on to trap it all inside and remix when you shake :)

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