Cot bumpers.... What's the deal?

I initially read that cot bumpers were not to be used before a baby is a year old because it increases the risk of SIDS, but the two bumpers that I have that came with duvet sets have labels that's say to stop using them once a baby can sit unaided...! And my nearly 11-month old has been doing that for a long time... But the poor thing keep hitting her head against the headboards... What's the solution?


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  • I was advised by my friend and HV not to use them. My friends baby was in a special unit , before her baby was allowed home they had to check her place. They said a definate no to bumpers as did my HV. I believe it's to do with restricting theair flow in the cot? U can get breathable ones they could b a solution for you but I would personally ask your HV about them and for advice. It's their job to know about this sort of thing and are the best people to give you the correct advice.

  • Fabric cot bumpers are a definite no no but I've found the best invention ever!! An airwrap cot bumper!! A friend told me about these and I went and bought one straight away it's a cot bumper that's completely breathable I even wrapped it around my head and could still breathe completely fine they have them in kiddie are and even do a luxury one for a thicker feel if your child keeps banging their head. I love it as it also stops my son from getting his legs/arms stuck in the bars and stops his dummy falling on the floor. Hope it helps :) xx

  • Are u not even allowed to use the ones that only go around the head of the cot? They don't still restrict airflow do they? My LO is only 13 weeks so not in the cot yet but my cot bedding set includes the bumper for the top end. Why do so many sets include a bumper if they are not recommended???

  • I think in America they have actually been banned after a few babies died from strangulation as well as the believed increase in the odds of SIDS happening. They just haven't banned them here as yet. I'm not arguing at all with what they have found, etc. But my baby has a cot bumper and I chose to use it regardless. My room gets cold and draughty so this helps protects him from the draught. His cot is still well ventilated and I check on him regularly when he is in the cot and I am not in the room with him. When he is bigger and may be able to pull it down more, (the ties are on the outside and done up very tightly btw), then I'll be investing in a breathable one to stop his limbs sticking out of the cot as well as they go all around. I currently don't need to worry about this as he doesn't move much in his sleep. x

  • I agree, if we aren't supposed to use the bumpers, why are they included? I bought a bed set but now seems like a waste of money :-(

  • Hi, yes, we too were told not to use them and that the stores who sell them know they are not recommended, but they continue to sell them. We haven't used them with our LO. A friend I know used the air wrap that was mentioned above. Sorry it doesn't help much! XxxX

  • Hi ladies thank you for your replies and apologies for my late reply. After some internet searching I too bought the two-sided Air Wrap last summer as LO's limbs also sometimes stuck out of the bars while sleeping and I found it to be

    very useful .. But I didn't get the four-sided one because it appeared to be for cost that had all-round bars, whereas LO's cot has a solid headboard and same the other end... In recent weeks she hadn't hit her head as much so I'd started to stop worrying, but yesterday she was crawling enthusiastically in the cot and went straight in to the headboard before I could stop her :( I'll look in to the bumpers that are just for the headboard, didn't know they existed xxx

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