The birth of phoebe grace walker (at last)

The birth of phoebe grace walker (at last)

So I went in for an induction on Tuesday 4th feb at 8pm. Had an examination still 2cm dilated, dr agreed I did not need pessary as cervix was "ripe & ready" for birth so I was just going to have my waters broken. However that night too many natural labours came in and I was kept in over night, till I was woken at 6am to go to labour ward and monitored for an hour. At 7:30am I had my waters broken and started having regular contractions by 9. By 1pm I could no longer walk around. Tried gas & air but this made me really sick, so I was given pethadine instead. I was now 8cm dilated but had a huge sensation to push, mw told me to put it off as long as possible till I was fully dilated.

Baby's heart rate kept decreasing with contractions but recovered between each one well, this still however led to there being 3mws present and a doctor.

By 1:30 I started pushing, it was a long struggle till she was born, had to eventually have a small cut to get baby's head out and finally she was born at 14:26, weighing 8lb 13.5oz.

She's kept me awake all night breast feeding well, but can't wait to be discharged today.

Thanks to everyone for thier continued support especially the last2 weeks or so.

Hope everyone is well - mummies, babies and bumps, from Alex & baby phoebe grace :)


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  • Congratulations!! And welcome to the world, little girl! She is gorgeous, you can be proud xx

  • Aw what a lovely pic....knackered from keeping you up all night lol. Huge congratulations and well done to you! x

  • Fab news x congratulations alex well done xxx enjoy phoebe xx

  • Congratulations! She's looks lovely, a great weight and great head of hair! Well done you :-) x

  • Aww, beautiful little girl. Congratulations! xx

  • ahh little finley has a girlfriend called phoebe, beautiful name xx

  • Wow,

    what a nice weight, congratulations & welcome Phoebe grace :) :)

  • Such a lovely picture! Congratulations, I bet you can't wait to get home with her now! X

  • Wow congratulations and well done!!!

  • awww shes so beautiful ! congratulations x

  • Awwww so cute :) congratulations! Beautiful name for a beautiful girl xxx

  • Congratulations she's a cutie! X

  • Ahhh beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl, congratulations! Enjoy baby Phoebe xx

  • Ahhhh Congratulations on the birth of your special little girl, I got a bit choked reading your story. Enjoy each other xx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • Thank u all. Me & my little princess are bonding great, she's feeding more in the day now so mammy can get some sleep at night. I have not stopped smiling since she's been born :) xx

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