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Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who replied to any of my pregnancy posts. Answering all the stresses and worries we have throughout that time. This is a great forum and I've recommended it to several women who are expecting.

I can't believe my daughter is now nearly 12 weeks old. Haven't had time to post anything before now as life as I know it is totally upside down, inside out and truly wonderful!

Rosie Anne was born on 17th November in somewhat of a hurry! Had to take a ride in to hospital in ambulance on blue lights! And didn't even make it off the ambulance trolley! I'm fact it was only 8 minutes after getting to the hospital that she made an appearance! So to anyone who is suffering from SPD- the pain is worth it. I really think it makes labour easier! So good luck to everyone who is still expecting. What an amazing thing being a mother is. :-)

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Lovely to hear from you! You never made it to our due date then lol. Congratulations and it is wonderful being a mother. I keep looking at Saskia and thinking "I made you!", still totally in awe of her. x


I must admit the ladies on here were a huge help esp towards the end when your off work and just want a bit of a chat

Great support network so good job all x

And congratulations

Its amazing being a mummy xx


Aww lovely :-) congratulations on your little girl x so nice to hear you are enjoying the roller coaster of motherhood xx


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