What a cheeky little madam!! She's now breech at 38 weeks!!!

Hi all mummies and mummies to be :-) I hope you're all well, mums and babies alike :-) I am 38 weeks today and found out yesterday at my routine midwife appt that my little girl has turned around and is now in the breech position :-( I had been thinking for weeks that she felt in an awkward position, I had even asked last week at my appt what position she was in and the midwife who looked after me was not sure... I reckon she moved in this position weeks ago, I can remember that fateful night of nonstop movement, really quite uncomfortable and me being delirious in bed with it too... I should have guessed and raised the alarm earlier, After a day at the hospital with my partner and hearing lots of different opinions about what I should do about it, we opted for an attempt at turning her around and booked it for next week. But I completely broke down about it when I got home and realised I had made the wrong decision and was scared to death of having it done. In the end , I rang them back this morning and have chosen the elective c-section as I have a bicornate womb anyway which reduces the chances of her turning even further, I am awful at giving birth naturally and spend hours pushing a head out, let alone a bum, and have the lowest pain threshold known to mankind!!

All in all, I feel that the c-section is definitely the safest for my baby and me, I spent hours debating and crying over it last night... I have a date for her arrival now, next Thursday the 13th and I am actually so excited I cannot wait!! Knowing my little baby though and her track record so far in this pregnancy, she might not be finished yet with her mischievous ways and it wouldn't surprise me if something happens before the 13th... I hope I recover ok after the section and don't get too frustrated and sad at not being able to do all the things I want to do, that is my only worry. Please don't judge me for chosing the "easy" option over the natural one, I've done it twice before and don't see the point in doing it naturally for the sake of it, I won't get a medal anyway ;-) I found it really difficult yesterday, under the pressure of all these health professionals trying to influence me to choose the "natural" option. Thank god my partner, my mum and my sister reminded me that at the end of the day it is my body and my baby inside it and that only I can decide what's best for both of us. The weirdest thing about this whole story is that months ago, at the beginning of my pregnancy, I had an extremely vivid dream that I was getting ready for a c-section at the hospital and that I could see my little girl's face clearly through my skin. It was the most beautiful dream and I woke up crying with joy, knowing that it was a girl. She turned out to be a girl indeed and now I'm having a c-section. I wonder if she will look like she did in my dream... The image is still clear in my head so I will let you know!

Thanks for reading my essay, I just wanted to share with you all lovely ladies :-)

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  • hey, ahh tht must of been a tough decision, little madam sounds a cheeky one. I don't think what ur doing is the easy option, I haven't had a c section but people tht hav def haven't described it as easy, I don't think giving birth is something I wud describe as easy. u r doing the best thing for u both which is whats important and u kno tht so don't let any health professional make u feel different, I hope ur little girl looks like ur dream and I wish u lots of luck nxt thurs, nearly a valentines baby lol xx

  • Thank you for your reply! Isn't it weird how some people's comments make you doubt sometimes when you should just be listening to your own heart... I'll definitely letyou know if she's anything like in my dream. It would have been good a Valentine baby, I thought about it when they told me "next Thursday" , I had to ask what date that was because I roginially thought it woulkd be the 14th :-) nevermind, she has been made out of pure love between me and my partner so Valentine baby or not, she wilkl be adored! :-)

  • Oh what a little pest lol. Well if that is what you are comfortable doing, that's what you should do :-)

    I had an emergency c section under general anaesthetic and had an infection too and even I was on my feet the day after James was born. I wasn't able to do quite a lot of stuff for the first week but that was mainly the infection stopping me. Just make sure you do take it easy after the op for it to heal properly as it can be painful after.....and keep up with your pain meds....don't just wait until you need it. It really helps your recovery.

    How very exciting to know when you will meet her!! Pamper yourself this week in preparation :-) Definitely let us know if she looks like in your dream....that was weird! x

  • Thank you for your advice with pain meds, I'll definitely keep that in mind! And yes, I'm thinking of dying my hair, last time I did it I must have been 10 weeks so it looks a mess!! That way, I'll look good on my pics with her ha ha ;-)

  • Haha! Good plan :D x

  • I def agree with pain meds - MW recommended maintaining pain relief consistently and regularly and it def helps xx

  • What a little monkey!! How strange about the dream too! I don't think you are taking the easy option at all! I would have made the exact same decision. There is no way I would even let a doctor try to turn my baby round!

    I know what you mean about feeling she was in a funny position!! I was convinced my little boy was on his side, because of where I felt the kicking/punching :-/ , midwife was adamant he was head down....guess who was right!! He was half and half, head down and a bit transverse and had to be turned with forceps!! :(

    Good luck for next Thursday, look forward to seeing a lovely pic!! :) x

  • Us mums know best!! We know what our bodies feel like, don't we? But they are the professionals so I don't know about you but I tend to trust them a bit too much and not follow my instincts, which is why I hesitated so much about the c-section, although I knew straight away that it was the only option for us... I'll post a little pic when I can next week :-) Thank you for your reply xx

  • Oh what a cheeky monkey! Hope everything goes well for you next week, don't think that a C section is an easy option and the healing process does takes longer than a Vbac anyway so feel proud and confident with whatever decision you go with. Xx

  • Thank you Mummy4, I feel so much better now I've made this decision! No one can change my mind now :-)

  • These babies are little monkeys!! I had an unplanned csection after a fairly long labour and whilst I was relieved I certainly wouldn't describe it as easy!! I think I would make the same decision in your shoes, important thing is that you feel happy.

    Key to my csection recovery was knowing when to ask for help (def found this hard) but also try to keep active doing a little bit everyday - start slowly! I was up and in the shower just 12hrs after LO was born which was a bit scary but felt good. Good luck and look forward to hearing all about her!!xx

  • Thank you for sharing your experience, it reassures me a little bit :-) I think I will find asking for help really hard, especially leaving the housework as I get a bit OCD when I'm at home :-) I'll work on it and let you all know how we're doing xx

  • The thing that really made sure I asked was my friend who had csection was changing beds, hoovering, shopping and driving within a few weeks and her wound opened and got infected. She had an awful time.

    I found that a terrifying idea so it def made me think twice before I did anything myself!!

  • Yes, I can imagine! I've just told my partner and he said he would make sure he did it all so that when he went to work I wouldn't be tempted ha ha He knows I start tidying up as a reflex but I suppose if there's nothing to do, I won't be able to do anything!!

  • Yes, as all the above have said, it's def not the easy option! I had no choice about having one (placenta praevia) but a planned section is better than an emergency one.

    Can't believe they were trying to talk you into a natural birth! They should be supporting your decision! A lot of maternity wards will encourage c-sections for breach babies these days.

    The first few days are the hardest - getting out of bed the following morning wasn't pleasant but you do have to get up and walking about pretty quickly and they will make sure you are up and about as soon as possible. I didn't really need much pain medication - occasionally first thing in the morning or if I'd been static for a few hours. You will have to have an injection daily for 7 days afterwards to ensure your blood doesn't clot - they will either show you how to do it yourself (or your partner). As my lo was in scbu and I was visiting everyday, they did it for me when I was there.

  • Thank you Armywag! I didn't realise about the daily injections, OMG, I'm certainly not doing it myself! I'd rather close my eyes and have somebody else do it for me, that's going to be my lovely partner's job ha ha

  • Yes I didn't know about them until I got my first one and it was a planned section so they really should have told me. I just looked it up and it seems that not everyone has to have these injections so you might be ok. Oh, in this link, it does say that a c-section is usual for breech babies ;) so don't let them make you feel bad x nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy...

  • I had those injections and like you baby was in scbu and I was actually still in hospital myself for the first week so they did them. The woman that was doing mine though caused huge black bruises all over my legs!! I was too ill to care though. They offered to do some in my tummy but with all my stretch marks, the thought of that made me cringe. Then for my last one I had a great midwife who did it properly and didn't leave a bruise....she was horrified at the state of my thigh! x

  • Yes I felt like a pin cushion by the time I was out lol I also had to have two steroid injections the week before I was admitted and they had to take some blood to cross match 3 times. The first two times were by the midwives - the second midwife made a right mess of my arm so much so that when I went to get the third blood taken at the blood clinic, the nurse there commented what an awful job she had done! I still had the bruise 3 weeks later! Some are just better than doing it than others. x

  • Tell me about it!! I ended up with 4 canulas during my stay as they were either falling out, yanked out or leaking lol. I have many a scar from that wonderful time lol x

  • Thanks for the link. Oh I hope I don't need them, fingers crossed :-)

  • I had a week in hospital because my LO was transverse breech. On the day they were going to try to turn him, the little monster had turned himself!

    As for the c section, it's your decision and never an easy one. My delivery was dreadful. I was induced and the little guy didn't like the stuff. His heart kept stopping, they thought his cord was arou:-)nd his neck etc. We kept asking for the section and in the end it was an emergency trip to theatre for a forceps delivey. Do what you feel is right :-)

  • Wow! Aren't they cheeky?!?! It sounds like you didn't have any easy time at all, it just goes to show that even vaginal deliveries can be a total nightmare!! I had a nightmare with my first, it took two days as she was back to back, my God I was traumatised for years... It wasn't too bad for my little boy but it still took ages and ages so on the whole, I don't think there's any guarantee of an easy birth,is there?

  • awwwh ddear don't worry about the decision you've taken,it is for your own good and the baby. you don't have to be sorry for no one,at the end of the day as you rightfully said it's your body and no one else's. Going natural is ok but ,but there are no medals accompany that and you are not trying to please anyone. for me I am having elective c-section as well next week on the 12th by the grace of God it shall be well with us and our babies in Jesus name Amen.

  • Thank you and yes, you're right, no medal at the end of it,is there? Good luck to you blackmadona, I hope it all goes smoothly for you and your baby next week :-)

  • Thanks Brookiana and you xxx

  • Hey, I cannot speak from personal experience but my friend last week underwent an elective section for the exact same reasons, he was breached, they did try to turn the baby but was unsuccessful so they opted for the section. I must say I am not sure I would 'choose' to deliver breach so go with your gut hun and don't worry about what people think, besides I am not sure choosing a C-Section is the 'easy' option either, its a different option....if it's what is best for you and your baby then so be it. Not long now too....you must be getting excited now? :-) x

  • Thanks cheekymonkey3791, I am ok with my decision now and have told everyone that I wouldn't change my mind so that's it!! I'm getting really excited indeed, I can't sleep most nights, I lie awake thinking about her and about how it will all happen. I went to the hospital yesterday to meet the anaesthesist and doctor and find everything out and I'm ok with it all and reassured. I have warned my kids about the fact that I will be unable to do most things for a while and they are fine with it and very understanding anyway. Now I just pray that 1: she doesn't decide to come earlier and 2: I don't turn up on Thursday all excited to meet her only to be told she's turned back round and I can just go home!!!! I think if she turns round again, you will hear me scream all the way to wherever you live!!! I'm mentally prepared now, I have spent nights awake thinking about it and planning it all in my head so I don't want to go back to wondering how horrible labour will be (I haven't had it easy before,trust me)!! But this is my little cheeky Emily we're talking about so you never know... Thank you for your reply :-) xx

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