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Whooping cough vaccine

Just had my jab, ohhh my arm is a bit sore!

Was a bit cautious about having this jab after reading some earlier posts but hopefully all will be fine.

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After mine I got cold symptoms for a day and had a big purple achey arm....it was very attractive ;-) it was no big deal though, clears up quickly and worth it in the long run :-) x

You should be fine hun i had no problem

The only 1 i wish i didnt get was the flu jab as ended up getting a terriable cold after that xx

Well I already have a cough, was off work with it last week so fingers crossed it won't get worse again! Can't wait now for baby to arrive, 30 + 3 so a few weeks to go yet.

To be honest I declined both the flu and the whooping cough jab as was preg 3 times before and never had them so why should this time but that's just me, the MW kept nagging me to have it. If only when I ask for something they would listen hhhh

My arm was bruised and sore for a couple of days but I just left it alone and it was fine :)

Sore and bruised arm and wished after that I'd had it in my right arm as sleeping on the left side was uncomfortable!!x

Having the whopping cough vaccination is naturally everyone's own choice, but it was one I was very willing to have the painful arm for!! I was in hospital 25 years ago as a young child and there was a baby with whopping cough in the same ward. It's haunted me to ths day, and I will never forget listening to its

gasps for breath. Awful.

The risks certainly didn't out weigh the benefits on this one.

Had mine yesterday too! Arm a bit sore but nothing else yet... Hope it stays that way! The whooping cough vaccine was not given just 2 years ago (when I had my son), but the reason it's being given is because of the rise in whooping cough cases in newborns, so just because you were safe in previous births (a previous poster), it doesn't mean you will be in future. Not wanting to start a debate by the way, just wanted it out there! XxX

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Mummy4 in reply to LouLou444

Loulou when I asked the MW about how effective is the vaccine she couldn't give me a convincing or definite answer, there is still a chance that the baby gob forbid could get the whooping cough, so what is the point really??? If you know what I mean. I spoke to the family Doctor whom I trust and he put my mind at ease.

My arm was a bit sore for a couple of days but that was it. Definitely worth it to protect the baby.

I had it as its to benefit our children not us..I wud rather not like any child of mine to get whooping cough or for me to get it pregnancy..same with flu. If u hav ever witnessed someone with whooping cough then u wud get it. The point of it really..is to protect your child and its a bit worrying tjat someone administering a vaccine couldnt giv u a gd answer.

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