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Ladies I need your advice!! Re: Inductions

I have been back and forth to the hospital regarding LFT's (liver function tests) I was discharged as an outpatient 3 weeks ago as my lft was still "abnormal" but no itching so no worries. However, Sunday night both my palms and soles were very itchy so I mentioned it to my midwife on Monday who took blood samples. Today I got a call to say they are again abnormal and want me to go back under consultant led care, I think this means I am no longer a low risk pregnancy and can't have my much wanted water birth..but hey ho. Basically, I need to know what it's like to have an induction...I'm pretty sure that's the route it's heading it a horrible experience?

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I was very worried about being induced, to the point where I very nearly refused it (12 days overdue when I went in). But I pulled myself together and went for it knowing I'd be coming home with my baby :) it actually turned out not to be as scary as I first thought,. It can be quite lengthy (but must feel longer because you spend your entire labour in hospital), it hurt- but plenty of warm baths (in the early stages) & pethedine did me the world of good. Best of all, my baby girl arrived safely with no more intervention & only gas & air (pethadine wore off long before she arrived) :) all in all, it didn't put me off having to do it again if I was in the same situation xx


Hi, as someone who is often heard banging on about avoiding induction unless necessary I want to say that no, it isn't, or needn't be, a horrible experience. I was induced with my first baby because I was overdue and made the decision then that I would never agree to it again for that reason simply because I felt like the whole process was going against what my body and baby were ready to do. I have since refused induction for post-dates pregnancy but was monitored and if a medical problem had emerged I would have gone for it. What I wanted to say is that I think that induction of labour does, absolutely, have a place - and yours and your baby's health is obviously paramount. Although the protocols at your hospital may dictate that you can't use the pool there is no reason you can't remain active and mobile to make labour easier. One of the problems with induction is that continuous monitoring is often part of the package. This can really make you feel 'tied down' and stop you walking around or bouncing on a birth ball etc (which you can do with a drip in place). However research doesn't actually show that it reduces risk in anyway - having an experienced midwife listen in to baby's heartbeat periodically is better than being monitored by a machine constantly. As most women who have had continuous monitoring will tell you the baby's heartbeat gets "lost" all the time as baby moves around which can be distressing and confusing for you and your partner. If you choose you can refuse continuous monitoring, or you might find that the protocol is for periods of monitoring throughout rather than continuously. Keeping yourself comfortable by moving about, taking baths or showers if you can, getting a good massage from your birth partner can all, genuinely help. My own experience was that, yes, it was a long labour, but might have been anyway as it was my first (even my 4th took over 9hrs of established labour so I'm never exactly quick!) I used a Tens machine from early labour til about 5/6cms dilation and then switched to gas and air which saw me through to my daughter's birth although puffing it for so long made me pretty sick but I was sure I didn't want an epidural (not against them in principle, just needles and spines don't go together in my mind!) The contractions were sharper than they were with my second baby but not harder to cope with than those in my 3rd & 4th labour where the babies were back to back (even in the best case scenario babies sometimes can't resist making it difficult!) I really hope it works out well for you. My top tip would be just to try to have as much in your toolkit as possible in terms of options for comfort and self help (for example, I wish I had used the bath early on when I could and saved my tens machine for later on, I used massage loads) as well as the pain relief you plan to use. I think it helps to have 'steps' in your head which you can move through as you need to. Anyway, sorry for rambling on so long! All the best. x


I developed the abnormal liver symptoms and had to be induced. Unfortuently my experience of being induced was horrible. But others that have spoken about there's on here have been positive and happy. I think unless they are advising an induction due to health etc then I wouldn't push for one. But they keep a very close eye on u whilst being induced so your never alone. Just think that if ur liver function tests go up higher and left then can become very serious to u and potentially baby!

Good luck and hope everything goes well x


Havnt had time to read the other replies so sorry if I repeat whats been said. I have cholestasis which I guess is what they are thinking you have with the raised LFT's?? Have they checked your bile acid levels do you know?? there are many reasons during pregnancy why LFT's can be raised and mostly harmless therefore wouldn't really be a need for induction. However if bile acids are above a 10 then would suggest an induction is necessary. I have had this condition four times so unfortunately know an awful lot about it. If you want to know anything else I will help if I can hun. Good luck xxxx


I wasn't sure whether to reply, because my induced labour didn't go that smoothly, but I really don't want to put you off because I ended up having a brilliant birth.

First of all, it can be a lengthy process, but that doesn't mean you're necessarily having contractions or in pain the whole time. In the first 24 hrs I was given 2 pessaries, which did nothing. No braxton hicks, nothing. So no pain there. They then broke my waters and contractions started. I managed for a long time on gas and air, then felt I needed an epidural, which gave complete relief.

After another 24 hours I had only reached 5cm, wasn't progressing, so went in for c section. And had an amazing, wonderful birth! The anaesthetist made sure we had skin to skin, and me, baby and my oh had wonderful bonding time together, both in theatre and recovery. I just want to reassure you that, even if things go completely off-plan, your birth experience can still be really wonderful.

Good luck!


Also be prepared that inductions can work too well. I had the pessary at 9am ish and was hypersensitive to it. This meant by 10am ish I was contracting 5-7 times every 10mins. This continued pretty much for my whole 22hr labour. Thing is I didnt find it too bad, exhausting definitely and I did struggle when the time to push came (needed vontuse help). But i didnt come out thinking 'never again' i found that the time went past very quicky. Luckily my bubs coped really well too. Like others say it can be difficult staying mobile and i wish i had been a little more as i stayed led on my side for the majority of time. And i think this made pushing a bit harder. I strongly believe that there is a reason for everything, and that if it comes down to induction for you it will be the right thing :-) x


I really want to be positive for you, but my experience wasn't great :-/

I had to be induced 3 weeks early due to medical reasons. I wasn't expecting the pessary to hurt so much and was already on gas and air. I got my contractions pretty quickly, but was 36 hrs until my waters broke. Another 24hrs of painful contractions (with and epidural and pethidine), before getting a c section, and then having to be put under general an.

Looking back, my body and baby just weren't ready, so it's maybe less painful or time consuming if you have reached 40 weeks.

My baby was back to back (which caused most pain), and I think because I just left the hospital to be in complete control of my labour, I was sat watching TV most of the time, rather than getting into good positions to help the baby, which potentially I would have been if I went into labour naturally at home.

Good luck


Iv been induced twice, both were different. . But i was happy with how they was a positive to me that the contractions could be increased by the hormone drip. . It made sure that all was progress and both babies came out happy and healthy. My thoughts is always, as long as its best for baby and mum. Relax and enjoy it.x


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