Bit of a gross question - clear fluid, could it be my waters?

For last 3 days have noticed when I go to the loo there is a tiny amount of clear gel like substance when I wipe. Nothing is coming away on a pad. First pregnancy but guessing my waters would be more water like? Likewise thought my show would be a little bloody so just wondering if anyone had any ideas what it could be? I'm 39+3. Thanks x


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4 Replies

  • It could be part of your show....I had thick sticky stuff when I wiped before the bloody bit happened..and then afterwards too lol. The show is different for everyone as well so it could be that (some people don't get it at all). It doesn't sound like your waters though so try not to worry :-) if it was your waters, it would be more water like as you say and probably not just if you went to the loo x

  • Thank you that's really helpful! :) just feeling a little lost really. Have had twinges in back, period like pains and quite strong braxton hicks for two weeks, now this but never seems to go anywhere. So frustrating!!!

  • Lol it does get frustrating. I think because we don't know what to expect, especially the first time, all these symptoms make us think it might be happening!! Then nothing. Sounds all promising though, your body is getting ready and the Braxton hicks are your womb practising and getting into shape ready for the main show :-) not long left to go :D x

  • Yes, I would guess it is the beginnings of your show too - an increase in mucus is common in pre-labour so it is probably a good sign that things are starting to move a bit. As Fattyboom says it could be prior to your show or you might have missed the actual 'plug' of mucus (lots of women don't ever see it as it just goes down the loo) and it's a continuing flow of mucus. Hope things get going for you soon!

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