4 months on

Hello lovely ladies,

Just a catch up really

Well i joined this forum 12 months ago how time has flown by

Its been a while Ewan turned 4 months old last Tuesday, hes amazing, few ups and downs with my depression and anxiety (mainly panicking about returning to work and missing daddy and daddy missing out on Ewan) my oh was home this weekend we have sat down with figures and paperwork and we have made the best decision for us and are 90% certain im not returning to work we have savings as a fall back but we should be ok, Ewan is mainly breast feeding still with a formula before bed, im managing to get him down roughly about half 10 i go aswell then then 2-3 wake ups, tbh at the moment we have no fixed routine but he is healthy and happy and i enjoy devoting my time to him, its all going so fast we will get there

We go to a breast feeding group on a monday which is nice, other babies for Ewan, i get to chat and we share stories and advice so all in all we are doing ok,

Basically its the best job ive ever had :)

Hope everyone is doing ok, congratulations to all the new mummies and look forward to reading more uplifting stories now i have a little more time to get on

X x x

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Nice to hear everything is going so well :-) it's all good with no fixed you say baby is happy and healthy and mummy is happy to tend to them so that's what matters. We have a routine but definitely not one written in stone. I just do our little rituals for night time and morning but it varies in times and stuff depending on what my little guy needs :-) it's lovely now that they are a bit bigger and chunkier to handle and cuddle/shmoosh isn't it?! :D x


Glad you're doing so well! My LO is almost 13 weeks & we don't have a routine, only a bath/bottle/lullaby/bed routine at night time but no set bedtime yet. I'm still BF apart from the 1 bottle in the evening & I'm completely led by him all the time. Apart from the problem of him fighting his daytime naps (he's too nosey & doesn't want to miss out on anything!) & he only goes 2-3 hrs at night, he's putting on weight healthily, he's full of smiles & laughter & I know he's a happy bunny. Iv had to learn to stop comparing him to other babies the same age & worrying that I need to be doing more because now I realise that all babies are different & worrying never helped anybody!

It's hard work when I'm on my own & my husband is at work but I'm starting to make new friends at our Rhythm Time class & I do Buggy Buddies as well (gym class to get me back into shape!) so I'm starting to feel like I have a bit of a life again!

I'm treasuring every moment before he grows up into a stroppy teenager!

:-) xxx


Hi Flossy, glad to hear you're getting on so well. Ewan is very handsome :-)

I didn't get on well being a working mum, I cut my hours and cut my hours right down and eventually packed it in when I fell pregnant with baby2 as my OH's business was starting to take off so we could afford to lose to meagre amount I was earning by then! Being at home full time with 2 of them is hard some days but I love it, I wouldn't change a second.

Glad to hear that feeding is still going well and that you're getting out to some groups - they'll be great for you at this stage and lovely for Ewan to make some mates as time goes on. Sounds like you're doing a great job to me :-) x


Wow tht is going is all going quick. Glad things r well..its normal to hav ups and downs..

We r starting to get bedtime routine bk as hes going in his own room now which is hard going but I hav to go bk to work in 2 months so hav to.

Its gd to go to groups..theres one I go to every week baby sensory and then others I just turn up to if free but with my sons busy social life I dont get much chance lol..hav also made some new friends which is nice.

Yes I agree best job ever x


Thanks for your lovely words ladies after being up every hour last night I still felt it was important to go to baby group this morning lifted my spirits and got some advice on the sleep thing but last night has happened a few times but not too often so fingers crossed for a better night

X x x


Maybe their is a growth spurt going on..there is also an app called the wonder weeks which helps with developmental leaps..its very helpful x


Hadn't heard about that will have a look thank you x x x


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