4 days with no poo in a combination fed baby

My little one is 3 weeks old. The last time she had a poo was early Thursday morning. It's now Sunday. She's was fed with SMA and some expressed breast milk but we switched on Saturday to cow and gate comfort as she had lots of wind, lactose spots and previously had green poo. The comfort milk is meant to relieve constipation in her but she still hasn't done a poo!! I know fb babies can go a while without a poo but she's more bottle than breast.

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It's probably just because you have snapped the milk. I gave my son cow and gate comfort, it did take a day or two until his system adjusted. Does she appear uncomfortable? If so, nice warm bath, "cycle" her little legs and rub her tummy in clockwose circles! You can also try giving her some cooled boiled water to "flush her out" if she will take it! X

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yeh I can echo rachs response, although my son is bf he goes once every 2-3 days and its usually very yukky. but yeh try a tummy massage and gently push her legs up to her tum.

when my son hasn't been for a while it always happens when we go somewhere nice and hes in smart clothes lol x



My daughter is now 13 wks old & I also combined her feeds with breast & formula.

I find sinse I started doing this ( about 3 wks ago) she'll do a very yukky & almost explosive poo every 2 to 3 days. ( maybe 4 days but very rare)

On some occasions she'll maybe give me 2 poo's in 1 day but not very much.

I personally try to also give my Lil one some cooled boiled water throughout the day too which I think can help with the whole movement of the bowels.



She did a really bi g yucky one today finally! But I will keep your suggestions in mind for the future. Thank you x


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