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Baby Rafaella is here with a very early appearance :))

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My baby girl is here.

Baby Rafaella was born on 1st of February 2014 at 19.31 weight of 2.400kg.

We are both doing well Thank God and all my little guardian angels!!!

I must also thank you to all you ladies from the bottom of my heart; who always shared your opinions and advices on all my posts, specially the 2 of yesterday. You were so quick responding me. At the time you guys where telling me to call the hospital and whatever I was in the hospital as triage wasnt even answering...

I am glad I acted the way I did and as quick as I did...

I will share the full birth stories as soon as I can.

right now im still in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of everywhere

God bless you all & thank you all very much.

Its time to light a candle for my little one


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Blimey I wasn't expecting that! Glad you got to hospital in time and that you are both doing ok. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Congratulations and hello Rafaelle (very nice name btw) x

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Cris85 in reply to Armywag

Thank you so much Armywag.

Tell me about it!!!! 34+4 i was not expecting that at all. I was so scared...confused...lost.... but thank God all went well!!!!

They told me baby would probable have to go to intensive care and we would have to stay in hospital for a week or so.

But once baby was born they were happy with baby weight and she is here on me on a normal maternity ward for after delivery.

I am still attached to few tubes but hopefully all is fine...


Wow congratulations! Glad to hear you are both doing so well :)

Welcome to the world Rafaella :) xxxxxxx

Thank yoooouuuuuu Cheekymonkey85

Little Rafaella says thank you as well


Wow! Congratulations. Am so glad all went well xx beautiful name for a beautiful girl xxxx

Thank you 2princes1princess!!!

I thank God & my guardian angels, my mum&dad and all of my good friends that I know have prayed for me. That also includes you beautiful ladies that always supported me here online xx

Enjoy your little lady :-D she was very keen to join this mad mad world xxxx

Congratulations xxx

Thank you hun. I will!!

Yeah she was! ;) probably like her mum... doesnt waste time. Just gets on with it ;)

Bless her! I cant stop looking at her. Brave little thing xx

Thank you Hincha xxx

Wow congratulations. Beautiful name. I hope she continues to get stronger. Take care and hppe u don't have to stay in hospital too long x

Thank You Ceribean!!! I hope God continues to hold our hands! She has filled a nappy with wee and a little poo too. So all good signs. Ive tried a few times breast feeding. She gave it a few good sucks. Hopefully she got a little something... I'm not sure.

I got them to change my pad. Also my wee thing was full up. Is it going to hurt when they take this "thing" out?

Still waiting for to come check baby's blood type as I'm resus negative and I should have been giving anti D injection....


I panicked about having the catheter out, but don't worry, it doesn't hurt xx

Sounds like your little lady is doing fab :) xx

in reply to Cris85

I had to hav the injection too as I am slso rhesus negative but they did it nxt day with me. X

It can take a bit before they latch on properly. Keep at it she will get there xx

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Armywag in reply to Cris85

I was worrying about the catheter too but it is painless but a strange sensation. I'm also Rh. Negative and Saskia is positive so had anti D. What we have to go through for our little angels eh! :-) I had a blood transfusion during my section so getting up the following morning was the most difficult - I actually fainted in the bathroom, cracked my head on the sink. I didn't tell anyone though! Take care and enjoy your little girl x

Wow congratulations, glad she got to be with you & didn't have to go to intensive care. Enjoy the special times ahead xxx

Oh my gosh ..... congratulations and what a surprise! ! Take care and don't be in any rush to leave hospital, there's no hurry just take your time to recover xxx

Wow congratulations! !! Hope you are all doing well. Take care and don't rush to get home, its probably been quite a shock and you need time to recover xx lovely name as well xx

Congratulations! I bet that was a shock! I'm glad she's doing well, avoiding special care at 6 weeks early is amazing, she must be a strong little thing :-) I hope you're both able to get home soon. Enjoy her x

Morning, thank goodness you did push them to see you yesterday, bless you... Us mummy's know best!

Hope your both doing well and welcome to the world little princess xx

Wow! I read both of your posts yesterday and kept checking for updates. I don't often post on here but find it such a help reading everyone questions and worries. I am 30 weeks today and after reading your post know anything can happen! So pleased for you and can't wait to see a pic. Congratulations x

Congratulations! I'm really glad to hear you're both ok X

Wow that was an early appearance!! Congratulations and hope you're both well to come hone soon x shocking for you!! Pleased you two are doing well :D congratulations xx

Wow!! Well done and congratulations. Look forward to hearing all about what happened and seeing a picture of your lovely little girl! :) x

Aww huge congratulations, was just catching up on every1's posts read u were leaking fluid then she's here's wow... No wasting time with her, oh n I love the name xx

Oh my GOD! I am so glad that you are both ok, you must have been very scared going into premature labour but I guess princess Rafaella was so eager to meet you.Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Will wait for the full birth story☺️

Wow!! Congratulatons to you and welcome to the world little Rafaella!! :-) xx

awwwww glory be to God Almighty Father who made it possible. Congratulations to you and welcome to the world little princess xx. it is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes,praise Jah.

Congratulations glad you are both doing well xxxx

Wow congratulations, that was quick, one minute u were on here asking for advice on leaking water the next ur writing baby is born. Glad both of u are well. Look forward to hearing birth story & a pic xx

Well done and congrats! Welcome to the world rafaelle xx enjoy her

Fantastic news :)!! So glad your both ok, I see your posts yesterday but wasn't expecting such a quick arrival !!! It's so scary when it happens quick as well, rest up and enjoy the miracle of a new babba xxxx


Its funny how babies can arrive so sudden isn't it.

Congratulations & well done.


Congratulations x

Bless you! I did see your post yesterday but trouble at bedtime me from replying and people had already said to call triage - so glad that you went in and that all has gone as well as it has. She is a really good weight for so early and it's great that she is able to be with her mummy! You sound like a person of prayer so will definitely say a prayer for you both. Take it really easy - you've got quite a shock, as well as birth, to get over! x

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