Right am confused, need help ASAP! Need more answers pleaseee

So me and my boyfriend are trying to conciev, i had two period in a month during december and we have been having unorotected sex one was begining of december and the other was end of december, in january 17 i was bleeding but it was really light it wasnt like period at all andnit only lasted 3days and ever since been having unprotected sex and my bf has been ejaculatimg inside me right from the start any chance that i could be pregnant? Need answers please and only relevant answers.


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Your bleed that lasted 3 days could have been an implantation bleed (from when the fertilised egg embeds itself in your uterus). It can be one of the first signs of pregnancy (although not everyone experiences it) however only a positive pregnancy test will confirm if you are pregnant. I assume you haven't done a test yet? If not, this is the only way you will know for sure.


I did pregnancy test 2 came out negatitve and one came out with a fajntmline and also had really bad cramps for the whole of thatn3days (is that normal?) Has to go hospital and they took blood test when they where checkingmmine theyntook for hours to get the result and its normally 1hr they do that everyine that meet me came n go and whe i saw the therophy he told me i need tongo for an altrasound what could that mean?


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