34+4 weeks and already 20kg ... scared!

34+4 weeks and already 20kg ... scared!

Hi ladies... hope you and your little ones or bumps are doing very well...

I am for the moan but really feeling down: sad & depressed.

Ive started my pregnancy with my weight around the 60kg mark (which I had been for years).

The weight started increasing gradually but sort of slowly. But recently I just feel so heavy & bloated. Tuesday had my 34 week midwife app checked my weight in the morning at home my scales said 77kg. Few hours later at hospital they told me 78kg. Been really down since last night. Got out of bed this morning and checked it again 79.4kg?!?

Whats going on???

What can I do?? I dont want it to continue like this!!! I still have about 5 weeks. I never thought I would be over 15kg and most definetly not over 20kg.

I am scared... :(

Help pls x

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Hey!! Don't worry about your weight, unfortunately it's just one of the many things that happen to us when we have a baby!! Some people gain loads of weight and some don't. Remember, towards the end, you can retain a lot of water which will make you seem a lot heavier, you may notice that you look "puffy" which is a sign of water retention. So long as you are eating nice and healthy! My friend is 19 weeks at the moment and she is bigger than I was at 35 weeks! You look fab! Don't get down! Maybe do something to make you feel good about yourself? Go for a massage/facial/manicure? Xx

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Yes don't be too worried about this - if the midwife was concerned she would have said something. I was only weighed at the beginning at my booking appointment so don't know for sure how much I gained but going by my scales at home, I think I put on about 2.7 stone. I was 37 +5 when I had my daughter and when I weight myself afterwards, I was just 1/2 stone heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. So 2 stone included the baby, placenta and water. The baby was 7lb 10.

Don't be jumping on the scales everyday!

Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom and, as Rachgibson says, go an pamper yourself!

Good luck! x


Don't worry, I put on 3 stone 5lbs ish during pregnancy but 10 days after I had my big boy- I had lost 2st 6lbs!!!


I echo the above, I stopped weighing myself as thought OMG. Obviously I knew there was a growing baby there so accepted what will be will be. I had alot of fluid retention in my legs, arms, face.... It's not until I looked at pictures of me weeks and weeks after birth that I realised how much weight I had gained.

Embrace your pregnancy, warts and all and look forward to the gift of life....your baby and all will be forgotten :-) xx

(my baby was 7lb 13oz/3.54kg)


Hey dnt worry as unfortunately there is not much u can do..most of it might b water and the baby obviously. I was the weight u r now pre pregnancy and I only knew tht as I looked in my notes..thts the only time I kno how much I hav weighed as I never weigh myself cnt doing with it.

When u hav had ur baby and r ready u can do something about it u can but now just take it easy and chill out x


Look at this in the long term - weight can be lost.

So what if we put on weight during pregnancy? It's what our bodies are meant to do. At the moment, yes we've all got a few pregnancy pounds, but also a human being inside, coupled with water retention, amniotic fluid and placenta. That's not exactly weightless, and is why we all feel pretty bloated and heavy!

I used to worry about this, how it would affect me if I got pregnant (I've had a near fatal brush with anorexia, it was awful and I wasted a lot of my youth). Then, I got pregnant, and suddenly it was as if Copernicus phoned me and said “Hey lady! The world doesn't revolve around you!” I'll let you know this for free too, my arse is too big for my size 8 knickers now. But, as long as the LO in me is kicking about and ok, then it doesn't actually matter.

Ignore celebrities having babies, too. That whole media rubbish is poisonous - insisting that women have to suddenly go back to their pre baby bodies. Why, what's the rush, especially as there's a vulnerable human to look after? And Everybody in Hello!, or OK!, or whatever other cr*p that sits on the magazine shelves these days is airbrushed. Like I said, ignore it all.

Sorry if this sounds a bit blunt, but I'm pretty passionate about this. Women should not worry about weight gained during pregnancy, and should never feel pressured regarding it. Don't worry about it.



Thank you ladies. It looks like you all have the same opinion... those of you who had already babies and those of you who are going through it.

I guess you are all right. And to be fair Im just worried about making sure my LO is doing well. But for some reason today it really got me this weight thing!!!! :(

I guess its the hormones messing up with my head. The panic if getting everything ready. The wishing the all goes smooth at labour and baby is well & healthy.

Plus having bailleffs knocking on the door doesnt help. :( And also almost a year ago (12feb) we found out that my boyfriend had cancer... so its a lot of emotions in the air right now.

Thank you all beautiful ladies for the support. I will try and not worry about the weight at least and will try & do a bit of walking. Maybe swimming.

God bless you all and all the best for you and your little ones.



How's your boyfriend doing now? I remember you mentioning he had been through it, and I can't even begin to imagine how awful that must be. Same goes for the bailiffs, I hope you managed to get through to Citizens Advice?

I think there are always ups and downs in pregnancy, of which hormones act as a catalyst for the emotions we feel. Talking through things and writing them down always helps.

By the way, you look lovely in your picture! I was going to post a picture of my legs last night, because the water retention was so bad it looked like my ankles had been on a carpenter's lathe! I decided against it however, because I didn't want to put people off their tea :-P X


I echo the previous comments in that its all part and parcel of pregnancy but most of the weight will b baby and the placenta and the fluid around baby. I was slowly leaking fluids for the best part of 4wks prior to giving birth 3 nights ago and yet my waters went with an almighty gush and even after they delivered babys shoulders there was a whooshing gush of more fluid! 3 days later and im missing about 3 quarters of bump and nowhere to rest my teacup lol.

Try not to dwell on the numbers, stay focused on keeping well for the little mite inside u. I refused to let my midwife weigh me in the last trimester incase the numbers affected me mentally. U have too much else on ur plate at the mo than worrying over something really out of ur control. I hope the bf is on the mend and in remission and that ue bailiff problem gets sorted quickly xx much luv to u

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Don't worry about the weight I started with 60kg and now 77.5 kg at 32 weeks so no big deal unless they test your urine and find something suspicious, just relax after you have the baby lots of this weight will disappear gradually


I started 60 was 82 around 34 weeks, had more after that (ifelt like a BIG WHALE) I am now with a 6 months old baby who never slept like most of the nice babies do and is highly attention seeking funny kid (she just love being social and gossiping and laughing whole day just like girls are) I am still 82 and husband darling is fixing a bike for me as I write this :D (so hopefully I will be able to loose some weight while I entertain the little girl!)


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