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Fed up :(

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I'm now 8 days over due, getting so fed up. Had my second sweep today, mw felt in her opinion it was a "good sweep" and I'm 1.5cm dilated. She thinks I could go very soon, but I just don't feel like I'm going to, still feel completely normal, had a little spotting of blood but other than that nothing :( induction day is looming and I'm getting very nervous about this. Really just want to meet my little girl. Feel like I need to b more optimistic but its so hard when I'm sooo fed up :(

Sorry to moan yet again. Xx

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Try to stay positive and active as much as possible, walk and go up and down the stairs, take a warm bath, don't give up you are nearly therexx

Come on alex1tuck chin up your almost there! Enjoy this weekend as the last one before your baby will be here! Wont be long xx

Sex has always helped me to get started in the past. It's the sperm which acts as an inducer apparently x

I tried sex this morning, so hoping maybe it will start working. Its a lovely day where I am today so I'm going to put a load of washing on the line and then take the dog out for a nice long walk. Hopefully something will work. Thanks all for your encouragement. Xx

Sex within 8hrs of a sweep is meant to be good as sperm has twice the amount of prostaglandin (I read somewhere) than the induction gel they use at hospital.

Also, when I was only 1.5cm dilated the midwife told me to do breathing exercises as this encourages contractions. Stand with ur feet shoulder width apart and hold ur bump at the bottom, drop ur shoulders and take a deep breath in to fill ur lungs and slowly exhale like ur blowing candles out until ur lungs r emptied. This is also good for coping with painful contractions. I really hope u pop soon as this part is terrible. Keep it up tho as it really is all worth it and the relief as that baby is placed on ur chest is priceless xx ur doing great

I'm having another sweep tomz morning, so I'll have my partner on standby for after :)

I'll try them exercises now, while watching the rugby, lol. Me too 3days from now I'll b getting ready to go into hospital, so b4 long she won't have a choice but I would love her to come before.

I've been getting a lot more Braxton hicks since my sweep yesta just no real contractions, unfortunately :( thanks for the support :) I can't wait to write my birth story, weather its good or bad it will mean she's here. Xx

You're not moaning, and even if you are 1)You're entitled to 2)It's good to get things off your chest and into the open 3)We're British - there's no such thing as too much moaning!

Is it your induction in a couple of days? Feeling fed up is understandable, and I'm guessing nothing we're saying is going to make that frustration go away!

Could you perhaps try and turn those feelings of nerves and anxiety into something more positive? Maybe instead of thinking that nothing's happening and that you just want to see your LO, just think - if you do get induced, that's only a few days away, which may go quicker than you think. So, really not long until you get to meet your little bundle!

Also, anything could happen between now and your induction :-)

Take care and keep us updated X

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Yeah induction is Tuesday at 8pm. So got sun, mon & tue then she will have no choice. I'm bouncing on my ball, taking everyone's advice of various things to try. Had 2 sweeps, second feels like its having more impact as BH have increased. Have one more tomz to try and give her one more chance to come on her own. If I do get induced I'm just hoping its not longer than 24hrs coz I've heard & read so many ppl have been in labour for 5/6days. But at least mw said I'm fully effaced and 1.5cm dilated so all heading in the right direction just think she needs a last push lol. Thanks for your support & advice. Hopefully I'll have an update very shortly xx

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Try to ignore reading the 'horror stories' of induction (which is easier said than done!). Remember, each one is different. It's great to hear that the second sweep has had more impact, and that you're dilated! I would suggest that you spend some time relaxing over the next few days, and don't overdo things which might take up your energy as you may need it sooner than you think :-)

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Yeah that is really hard coz there are sooo many bad stories. I hope so, mw said she thought I'd go in the next couple of days but unfortunately not I'll be seeing her again tomz. I've been on my ball and I think she's dropping a little more so I'm hoping when the mw comes tomz she says im progressing well. Maybe go on my own b4 induction. I've started this evening getting a mild lower back pain, and praying for it to get worse (the only time I'll ever hope for pain lol) xx

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I'll keep my fingers crossed for your pain to get worse, too (And I mean that in the nicest possible way!!) X

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Thank u. Fingers crossed. And I'll keep you all updated :) xx

Hey there! I know exactly how you are feeling! My son (who is now 20mths!) was two weeks overdue! He did not want to budge! I had two sweeps, walked loads, had sex did all the recommended things and nothing!

I ended up being induced and even that stopped! My labour got going after my waters were broken by my midwife! I delivered a healthy 9lb 6 and a half oz baby boy that evening! That was my experience. I had an awful time with my first child. That is a long story that I am happy to talk about but would rather not! Six years later I was brave enough to try again and I have a beautiful son. I had two completely different experiences of pregnancy and labour.

Don't dwell on the bad. Horror stories happen but it doesn't mean you will experience that. I found pregnancy yoga to be a god send with my second. It helped me enormously to cope with the birth. I managed to deliver my son safely on paracetamol and gas and air! Oh and yoga breaths!

Good Luck and I wish you all the luck and love in the world. Us women are amazing! Xx

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Thank u for ur support :) I had my 3rd sweep today and am now 2cm dilated having loads of BH just no real contractions :( my body is ready but obviously she's not. My mw said they may just break my waters Tuesday to c if this encourages my body to start contractions on its own. Fingers crossed. I think its a bit late for pregnancy yoga but will keep it in mind for next time. In 48hrs hopefully I'll be in labour regardless of what baby wants lol. X

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