Anyone else's experienced little one grunting and straining a lot through out day and night like trying to poo?

My little one has seemed like he has been in a lot of discomfort trying to poo. I took him to the doctors weren't too worried and gave me few things to try. I just hate seeing him in south uncomfort wondered if anyone else experienced and wot worked best for there little one?

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I used colief..worked great for me but quite expensive so I got it on prescription. Also doing bicycle legs and gently push them up too his tum. After a bath try a tummy massage x

I agree with ceribean's reply/answer.

As well as ensuring you keep your baby as hydrated as u can with some cooled boiled water you could also try using a small (face) cloth with a Lil bit of warm water & give him a massage on his tummy.


Yes my LO does the same. He's 12.5 weeks & he's a lot better now than what he used to be but he does it especially in the morning when he hasn't pooed all night. I don't understand why though, it sounds like he's constipated & really trying to push something out but when he does it always normal & runny. It does upset him though, he cries until it explodes out of him!! (sorry TMI lol). I agree with the above comments however nothing really worked for us apart from giving it time for his digestive system to develop x

Yup that is normal in babies mine is 1 month and doing that a lot I tried everything since drops to massage and nothing works so I just wait and try to comfort her

My LO is 3 months still does the same thing and he goes red on the face, I have to pick him up to either poo or burp. I cannot wait to see him through it!

My boy is 14 weeks and he still does it but not as much as he used to, and doesn't get so upset over it anymore! I tried bicycle legs, which helped with wind more than anything! But cooled boiled water works for my little man! The struggle there is getting him to drink water though! Now that's difficult...

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