TMI but is it normal to have heavy thick white discharge constantly?

Hello Ladies this is a bit embarressing and tmi but is it normal to have lots of thick white discharge? I'm 38+5 now but have been experiencing this since beginning of pregnancy more or less but its getting more heavy now and just wondered if this is okay as I am feeling a bit worried I could have an infection? Also has anyone had BV during their pregnancy? X

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Hi jusnaa

Yes I'm sure it quite common to experience increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy as long as it doesn't have a strong pungent smell to it.



Exactly what the others have's completely normal to experience more discharge during pregnancy as long as it doesn't smell, change colour or texture x


Unless you notice a change in consistency or smell I wouldn't worry. If it becomes itchy or starts to look like lumps of cottage cheese then speak to your midwife as it may be thrush. It's also perfectly normal to develop thrush in pregnancy, its simply a reaction to hormones. Make sure you only wear natural fiber underwear and try not to wear anything against your skin at night as this can make any thrush worse. Use unscented body washes to help maintain your body's natural ph as well. Hopefully it's nothing more than your body reacting to the pregnancy and producing more discharge but if you do get any other symptoms, check with your midwife or GP.


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