Can stress at 8 weeks cause a M/C?

I had a severe melt down a few days ago. It was work related then became a bigger issue with my husband ( hormones are all over the place and I felt he was not being supportive which made him upset and it turned the situation into a worse matter) I ended up in the ER. Blood pressure was elevated, light cramping. They did a scan and said the baby was fine. I'm just nervous about the baby not being OK after a few days later of going through this emotional state.

I'm a first time mother and i'm a stress-a-holic. I cannot help myself.

We haven't told anyone about our pregnancy which makes it hard to go to someone and get advice. I'm hoping to have some support from you lovely ladies until I can discuss with my own family and friends.

thanks in advanced!

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Oh bless you, you remind me of myself. The hormonal highs and lows are perfectly normal, but not nice for either of you, I felt like I spent an incredible amount of time apologising for my actions throughout my pregnancies. And it's not as simple as deciding not to be a stress head, and hey presto.

Whilst stress isn't good for either you or baby it is unlikely to cause major issues, our bodies are pretty amazing. Most miscarriages happen for no specific reason.

I fully understand you wanting to keep it to yourselves for now, but you might want to discuss telling one or two close friends to take the pressure off you, this is perfectly normal practice.

Good luck.


I think Cowgirl7 is right - telling a couple of close friends will take the pressure off, and they will be able to give you extra support. Unfortunately, pregnancy turns us ladies into worrying bags of uncontrollable hormones, which isn't fun at all, especially for us!

Have you thought of activities you could do, to relieve any anxieties or stress you may have? Writing your thoughts down in a mood diary, gentle exercise like swimming or yoga or going for a walk might help?

I found out I was pregnant at about 6 weeks, and was terrified I would have a miscarriage because I'd been stressing out at work and had also been tattooed (so was worried about the pain/body shock). My midwife said that babies are incredibly resilient, when it comes to things like that.

If the scan said everything is fine, then I would go with that. If you do need extra reassurance however, as well as tips for stress relief, you could call a midwife - if you haven't had your appointment with one yet, then Tommy's has a midwife phone line:



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