35 + 1 awful cramps in my groin

Hi ladies. I wonder if you could help me. I'm 35 +1 a first time mum. Everything with pregnancy has been fine apart from a bit of hyperemisis at week 22. But today whilst at work this awful really painful horrible cramps (like period pain) came over me. It was right into my groin below my bump. I tried to walk to ease it off. Didn't help. My colleague got my managers one of which is a senior nurse the other is a matron to come and help me. They said I was as white as a sheet and looked in awful pain. It didn't go away for about 10 mins then eventually did. I've also been having them throughout the day. Baby has been moving as normal so no concerns there. What could it be? And any ideas of how to ease it? Sorry for long post. Xxxxx

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It could be your baby having a shimmy downwards taking their position and getting engaged. Can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful! I used to get incredibly sharp shooting and throbbing pains when my boy would have a shifty downwards and sometimes stop me in my tracks x


And the period pain kind of stuff may also be where your pelvis is separating in prep as well causing a pain and maybe later an achy feeling x


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