Shes finally here!!!

So after being 9 days overdue, Baby Mia decides to come out into the world!

I had back pains from around 1am this morning, and was up and down all night bouncing on the ball, walking around and genrally keeping busy. My boyfriend bless him was checking up on me, but at that stage i didnt feel terrible so i told him to sleep and i would wake him if anything. About 9.30am, i started getting contractions, i strted timing them,which straight away i was having like 4-5 in 15mins lasting about 40 secs. I called labour ward to see what i should do and to basically let them know. They told me to come in as im under a consultant also. Waited for mum to pick us up and get ready and by this point contractions where getting stronger. I did want a water birth and as the midwife was puttin on the water, my waters broke, but mia also emptied her bowels! So i had to be taken into a diff room and monitored as they did get a little concerned. At aroud 3pm contractions where regular and started to become much stronger, by then i had pethidene which i found helped better than gas and air. By 5.30 i felt the urge to push, and they said the nxt contraction push, it took 4 pushes and at 5.39 baby Mia was born!

Cant stop staring at her, she is amazing and i love her to bits! Grandma and daddy are so happy, they both shes a tear bless them :)

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  • Congratulations! You made it sound so easy! Weren't you allowed in the pool after the 'poo' incident? How much is she weighing? Xx

  • To be honest for me the contractions where the worst part! No unfortuantly i wasnt allowed in the pool after ilthe insident as they where worried at how much came out so had to be monitored. She weighed 7.15 ounces x

  • Congratulations hun :-) well done!! Glad to hear it went well overall and little Mia is finally here :D xx

  • Thankyou! Cant stop staring at her! X

  • Congratulations, u definitely made it sound too easy lol. Xx

  • Congratulations :-) x

  • Congratulations! :-) x

  • Fantastic news congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations to you, amazing news and 4 pushes wow, lucky you :-) Enjoy every waking moment xx

  • Oh my God!!!! That's lovely!!! You do make it sound easy! So happy for you!!! Another beautiful princess is born!!!

    All the best for both of you... xxx

  • Congratulations. .glad all is well with little Mia .my little man went to the loo when I was in water too. X

  • Congratulations! Such a beautiful name :-) xxx

  • Congratulations!! Little Mia kept you waiting but worth it I'm sure!! Well done xx

  • Congratulations!!!! Well done, glad everything went went for u

  • Congratulations!! :) x

  • congratulations dear and God bless xxx

  • Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Mia! I hope you're all doing well X

  • Congratulations, well done!

  • YAY! Well done! Enjoy your early days together. x

  • Congratulations! So pleased it all went well! Wonderful news xx

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