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Baby has indigestion/ belching more after starting solids?

Hi all, my LO started solids at just over 5 months - she seemed constantly hungry, grabbing at our spoons etc so i started giving her little bit of porridge for a couple of weeks which she liked. Then i gave her a bit of mashed parsnip and carrot which she didn't like at all and half hour later vomited. Ever since she's not that keen on the sight of a spoon (which i can understand and don't give her anything if she doesn't like it and don't force feed her obviously), and started belching a lot after every meal, including milk (she's exclusively BF). She also posets more, which I'm sure she wasn't doing that much before. Any ideas?? Should I get her checked?

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I think any time a baby changes their usual appitite or behaviour. Esp if being sick it is worth getting them checked out. They may at least be able to advise if personality rather than illness. Any phobia is best tackled early as possible. I learnt that the hard way when my son refused anything but yoghurt. It was a long struggle to get back to normal.


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