2nd sweep went well... Could be meeting baby very soon FINALLY!!

Had my 2nd stretch and sweep today at 40 plus 7 days and midwife was able to reach my cervix straight away! She said it feels soft and easier to grt to than last time. I was so relieved! Since shes left, ive had some twinges (finally) but as of yet there not regular. Shes booked me in for a induction on saturday if (god forbid) baby hasnt made an apperance. I just hope soon at least by end of week ill have my baby! Im a little nervous now but im just gunna keep calm, bounce on the exercise ball, go for walk with the other half and chill out a bit now!


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8 Replies

  • Awwww fingers crossed! Good luck when the time comes xxx

  • Awww sounding good, hope I have as much success as u wi my second Thursday.

    Hope to hear of baby's arrival soon xx

  • Wow that sounds very promising! Even if the little one does need an extra nudge I bet you won't end up with the full blown induction!

    Fingers crossed for you that today's the day! Xxx

  • Yay! Sounds good hun. Really hope this is it for u :) xx

  • Oh-yes that's the sprit to have " by having a good bounce on your birthing ball" . I absolutely lived on mine the last few weeks of my last pregnancy ( 3 months ago) LOL! :)

  • Hope to hear of baby news soon, all the best and don't forget to breathe... :-) X

  • Good for you - stay positive! x

  • Great news, I've got my fingers crossed! X

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