Hope baby makes an appearance soon

So I'm 40 + 4 and no sign of baby, no twinges, signs, nothing which I suppose its nice she's not teasing me but come on, I want her out now. Mw has booked an induction for a week tomorrow if nothing happens before then and I have a second sweep Thursday. I'm really hoping she's here on her own before she gets evicted. Everyone's induction experience seems soooo bad and I really want her to just come on her own. Y is she sooo stubborn.

Sorry for clogging up posts lately just getting fed up now, just want her to come out everyone is dying to meet her :) xx

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Don't give up hope hun!

One thing these babies like to do is surprise us at the times we least expect it.



I'm trying to stay optimistic but so hard when nothing is happening :( I'm constantly talking to my belly telling her to get out of there haha. Xx


keeping everything crossed for u!! This part has got to be the hardest of all and we are all at the mercy of the little life inside us. Keep the chin up and write as many posts as u like on here, its about the only thing keeping me sane right now :) xx


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