sweeps and the aftermath

hey guys,

2 nights ago I had to go in to hospital again with close contractions lasting well over a minute being 4-5mins apart over a spell of 2hours but had been irregular for 4hrs prior. I was told to stay home but started to shout down the phone as I was in a lot of pain and they agreed to see me.

When I was there they gave me an internal exam and said that I'm close to 2cm but still had some length to lose on the cervix aswell. Midwife gave me a cheeky sweep while she was in that region anyway and then gave me some codeine so I could cope better. Since then I've had dull back ache in my lower back and a constant period cramp. I also had some pink stainage yesterday but thats stopped now. Is this all normal after a sweep? I've another booked with the community midwife this friday. Hoping that kick starts everything because I really do not want to face another potential 2weeks of this pain and not being able to be comfortable. I think I could live in a permanent tepid bath right now...

As always, I bow down to all ur superior knowledge and wealth of experience xx

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Yh the pink stainage sounds familiar to me after sweeps as it disturbs stuff down there lol. I was dilated for weeks!! It can be slow going. Hope the next one gets the results you want x

I had one sat and have had no effect from it what so ever but from what I've read its more normal to have a bit of pinky discharge after a sweep than absolutely nothing. Hopefully things are starting for you :) I have a second one booked for Thursday so maybe it will work better this time. If not induction is booked a week tomz so she won't have much choice in the matter. Xx

I'll keep everything crossed that ur next sweep works and u dont have to wait until eviction day! good luck hun xx

Thanks I'll do the same for you, we should both have our birth stories up very soon regardless of how it happens. Xx

My word, gigglysheep, I have been waiting for you to give birth for weeks!!! I bet you're so fed up! I can't give you any advice, I have never had a sweep done but I wanted to say good luck, surely it won't be long now! :-) xx

haha bless ya! This baby is a menace and its really taking its toll now. Likes keeping everyone on tenterhooks. keep those fingers crossed for the next message to be a birth story :) xx

ha ha , yes please, a birth story! And if baby is like this now when you're pregnant, let's hope it's an angel once out of the womb ;-) xx

Havent got personal sweep expertise but I kno this is common from friends etc..this is a long painful process and uncomfortable process but will be worth it. .when I phoned hospital they said dont come in till u can no longer move basically. .my contractions were like 3 mins apart..as I cudnt face going there to b sent home. Try and hang out at home for as long as u can x

Fingers crossed its the start if things for u. It sounds like it anyway :-) x

Hey, I had a 'good' sweep as the MW put it and experienced cramps all evening and a little discharge but not much. It on that occasion did not get me started and I was 1-2cm dilated and effacing.

So many sweeps fail so you wonder if the body is simply just not ready to deliver? There is certainly alot of women on here having sweeps and most complain that it hasn't worked afterwards.

Hope you bubba makes an appearance soon, those last few weeks are a killer x

If you've got backache, baby may be back to back, try getting onto all-fours (and scrubbing the kitchen floor) to get baby into the right position. If you've got a birthing ball have a bounce on there too. My first baby was back to back and I wish I'd realised earlier and tried repositioning her, my labour was quite mild for hours but was very long! Getting baby into the right position could help get things going too.

In a couple of years you'll look back and think this was the easy part; the hard bit is yet to come - sleep deprivation, a toddler that won't eat anything except weetabix, but all worth it for lots of lovely laughs as you experience them growing up, learning new things and singing to themselves at 7:45am! Good luck! :)

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