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Pregnant??? Is it possible?

Hi is it possible I'm pregnant I'm really unsure and worried my partner and I had sex at the begining of December and although we didn't use contraception he didn't "cum" all the way. (Sorry for the over share) I then had a period on the 19th of December and was due on on the 19th /20th of jan. However I haven't yet come on I had cramp about a week ago but no signs of a period nor cramp now.

I am so worried as apart from the 1night we have been so carful as we arnt wanting to extend our family any further I have just had a baby in august she's just turned 5months and we have an appointment for my other half to get 'the snip' as my body really struggled carrying our second child and I don't think I would get through a third pregnancy. Please help? Xx

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Hey it certainly is possible. But could also be your periods still settling down. I also have a five month old and a little while back, I was concerned I could be pregnant as my body wasn't behaving normally even though I'm back on the pill. As you period is overdue now, best thing to do is take a test hun. Also worrying can keep your period away so getting an answer will help you x


Sorry to ask the obvious but have u done a pregnancy test yet?

As you already know this would be the 1st way to find out if you are indeed pregnant.

If you also don't mind me asking why do you think your body won't be able to cope with a pregnancy?


Hi thanks for your responses I haven't took a test because to be honest I didn't think I could be as I have had a period since then. I have been stressed a lot lately too and had flu. I really struggled with my last pregnancy as I have bad hips to start with and I ended up practically sofa bound and suffering with SPD. My first pregnancy I had preeclampsia which ended up me been in hospital for 3weeks then having an emergency c section 6 weeks early. I seriously couldn't manage carrying another child I am already experiencing more problems in my legs from having my last child. Xx


Sounds like hard work!! Hope it works out for you. Get a test done asap to ease your mind x


I was about to say that a friend of mine who had chronic SPD with her first two had a reasonable time with her 3rd unplanned pregnancy so it doesn't always get worse each time but I hear what you are saying about the pain you are still in. If you think you are overdue by about a week then it is still well within the realms of possibility that your cycles are still settling down as people have said. Also both stress and illness can throw your cycle out so maybe that it is it. I would certainly do a test - it could be the stress of worrying about the possibility of a pregnancy which is causing the delay! - so better to know.


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